Month: March 2017

is now in the open shop, master some appropriate pricing strategy is very important, because after all, open shop and some traditional stores there are still many places is not the same, so in the online shop need to grasp what the pricing strategy?

A, sales for the same price

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Railway freight demand can be accepted Online

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since September 20th, in order to further improve the level of freight services, the national railway freight demand online trial will be implemented, will promote the real goods system transport organization, expand the whole logistics services.

online acceptance is that customers can handle cargo business through the Internet, home can be reported to transport demand. "Full service" is the customer to mention the railway transport demand, but also can be made together, to the ends of the supporting logistics needs, get the door to door service. "Voluntary choice" is that customers can handle the freight business on the Internet, but also to the business hall of the station (business outlets) for business, through which way to handle business, by the customer to choose. Open and transparent, is the direct docking of goods and transport capacity, remove the intermediate links, to achieve automatic acceptance. read more

now, in our side, there will always be a lot of jewelry to join the project. There is no doubt that is a very good market development space, with good prospects. So, jewelry store to choose what brand? How do you do?

now, with the emergence of jewelry industry, jewelry stores are more and more, get the same people, and still pose butterfly jewelry, warmly welcomed by everyone, the market is very popular brand jewelry stores, so it can give the entrepreneur with a very good opportunity to get rich. read more

now, the increase in the pressure of life and work, so that a lot of people hand travel way. Mobile Games industry fire, tens of millions of monthly income exposed a lot, will attract a large number of young people left their homes. The uncle met every kind of tea Mobile Games entrepreneurial team, also witnessed the team also witnessed soaring earning million, the team disbanded to find work. In this, summed up a number of self believe that the hand travel business process for your reference. The team had failed to ignore

1., at least 3 years experience in the production of the game

2. was the best team of 3 people: the main policy and the main process of />

3. product development period has sufficient funds to support

4. product development stage, basically is 3 months, 6 months, a small change in a big change. Chengdu also encountered some entrepreneurs, 6 months continuing product development, product development looked up to find this type of game is out of date. Therefore, in the product open > read more

entrepreneurial wave struck, many people have set foot on the road to get rich, entrepreneurship in different industries is very different, and for entrepreneurs, the most important thing is how to quickly enhance the visibility of the brand.


to say what the boom from 2014 to 2015 to fire, "entrepreneurship" is two words.

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different colors have different effects on people’s psychology, which has been proved by many scientists. The use of color in the shop decoration, in the subconscious to guide customers to increase the possibility of their purchase, let us learn about the clothing store on the color decoration techniques.

for clothing store, color, lighting, lighting, etc., can change the visual effect, elements of color effect is color and wall color blending. Especially for women’s clothing store, the following are some of the shop’s color scheme: read more

Shop to do business to lose

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each person’s personality is different, for the loss will have their own views. Some people are preoccupied, do not eat a little loss. If it is to do business, such a character, I am afraid will lose more customers. It is said that the loss is a blessing, this sentence is actually the most common in our business. Shop business, the most important thing is popularity, what is the key to attract popularity. The following inventory a few losses win to bring popularity to the store.

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PK money case recommended

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is now in the social life, is a classic case of start empty-handed entrepreneurship as a new era at the same time, meet the eye everywhere, entrepreneurs should also be timely attention that some entrepreneurs start empty-handed classic case, the only way to success.

1, copying other people’s projects to make money.

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people who want to start looking for a lucrative project, facing the infinite market, what is the most profitable, and the whole network Xiaobian look at what most rich business this year!


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Music helps business

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what factors will affect the customer’s purchasing behavior? I am afraid that any operator will be very concerned about the problem. A market researcher in the United States had an interesting experiment at the supermarket: how music affects the customer’s purchasing psychology.

The experimental results show that

customers often in conjunction with the music as the music tune, rhythm, beat per minute up to 108 when customers out of the store’s frequency is also accelerated, at this time, the store on average turnover of $12000; when the music rhythm is reduced to 60 beats per minute, customers to buy goods on the shelves will be a corresponding time the store can be extended, the average daily turnover increased to $16740, up 39.5%. read more