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first_img 0% Tags: arts • gentrification • mission • murals • sirron norris Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% Listen Local is Mission Local in audio form. We record live on a biweekly webcast at every other Thursday morning from 9:30 to 10:00.This week we talked with muralist Sirron Norris, who has a number of projects around the Mission District, about making murals now, and what it’s been like in the past. Norris is also the lead illustrator for the popular Fox TV Sitcom Bob’s Burgers and spoke with us about the forced removal of his mural depicting characters from the show that he painted on the roll-up doors of Rhea’s Cafe on 20th and Bryant streets last year.Listen to this episode below or check out older programs on our BFF archives.last_img read more

first_img 0% Pre-Game: The View from Dolores Park.This morning, the fog sits thick and damp over the Mission. Like the mood of the dog people of Dolores Park, who woke up to the news Andre Iguodala might not (as in probably won’t) be playing tonight.“Who replaces Iguodala?”“Kevon Looney.” Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletterEmail Address Tags: warriors Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% “What if he gets into foul trouble?Silence. The cloud’s so low, it covers the skirts of Twin Peaks.“Swaggy P.”How weird? Even with four All-Stars, the Dubs’ hopes for an NBA championship may rest on the normally unreliable shoulders of a backup to a backup, 10-year vet Nick Young. And his bizarre alter ego, Swaggy P.The view from Dolores Park?Cold. Damp. Dark.Post-Game: Lexington Street.Colder. Damper. Darker.I can’t bear to write the first draft of this particular history. Let somebody else do it. Someone who gets paid.Who would read it? Who wants to relive a nightmare? Or live it in the first place?Walking home, as the fourth quarter — the surreal fourth quarter — unwinds in my mind, I see my dog, Tucho.One night a couple weeks ago I came home and found him acting strangely. Wobbly and unsure of himself, he had a vacant stare. He was acting more disoriented than hurt. A stroke?No. He had gotten into a box of coffee beans dipped in chocolate and infused with THC. Somewhat confused but passive, he didn’t make a fuss when I took him to the hospital.“Really? The Dog Emergency Hospital? Whatever.”As I watched the Warriors’ epic implosion tonight, they looked as out of sync, out of joint, out of character, out of this world as a dog tripping out on THC.Tucho is fine. But he was, in the words of the vet, “pretty fucked up.”  That’s how I feel about the Dubs.At home, with four All-Stars and Swaggy P. on the court, how is it possible they scored 12, only 12, a surreal 12 points, in the entire fourth quarter!? How is that possible!?There can only be one explanation:The Russians slipped LSD into the Dubs’ sneakers.It feels like Game 7 in 2016. Remember what came next? Donald Trump.We go from fog to bog.Next game: Thursday at 6. In Houston.Earlier:Game three: Stephs gonna Steph, May 20, 2018Game two: Day of the Dead, May 17, 2018Game one: Dubs roll Rock Heads, May 15, 2018Warrior Fever Strikes the Mission, A guide for the Perplexed, May 14, 2018Tuesday evening when there was still hope.last_img read more

first_img Email Address It’s San Francisco in 2018 and, very soon, you’ll be able to hire a day laborer by using an app.The San Francisco Day Labor Program and its sister organization, La Colectiva, are stepping into the software arena with an app it unveiled over the weekend at a tech fair held at its Cesar Chavez Street offices.The idea, says Day Labor Program Director Antonio Aguilar, is to provide a fair alternative to platforms like Taskrabbit and Takl, where rates and prices are set by a company rather than the collective group. This way, Aguilar said, workers who have been using the gig-like method to promote their services can have greater control. But it also brings workers who have usually waited out on street corners and other pick-up locations into the digital realm.“We think that if the workers can be involved in the decision-making, the platforms can be a lot fairer to the workers that use them,” Aguilar said. “We’re taking the first step towards digital inclusion for our workers.” The ideas for the as-yet-unnamed app coalesced at a 2016 hackathon after members of La Colectiva, which specializes in house- and office-cleaning services, made a presentation about their work. Eventually, the organization was connected with a group of five PayPal employees, who helped them develop a new mobile platform. Development took two years to complete, Aguilar said.Day Labor Program and La Colectiva Director Antonio Aguilar unveiling the new app at Saturday’s Tech Fair. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.While it’s still in its testing stages, once the app is fleshed out and launched in the coming months, it will allow the two organizations to seamlessly dispatch members to job sites. Workers should be able to handle most of their activities — including reporting an abusive employer — through their phone.Both organizations currently use the same 20th-century dispatch system to assign jobs to workers who check in every morning: Employers can call in and put in a job request, which is then processed by office employees. Those same employees then call members of La Colectiva or the Day Laborer Program who have checked in that morning.The app-to-be will connect employers with day workers far more efficiently, and also be able to handle far more requests than the offices can presently process. Day Labor Program and La Colectiva dispatchers currently have trouble keeping up with demand.The app will also allow workers to access their profiles, check their work history and payments, file complaints against employers in case of wage theft, and check their monthly dues. Both organizations offer advocacy services, and those can be requested through the app as well.Until then, the next steps for Aguilar and crew are to get their members trained and comfortable with the app before opening it up to employers.Mayra Alfaro was one of the members who took an early training course at Saturday’s fair. She liked the idea that the training would let her see who’s working and who’s not, and to avoid any confusion or overlap.“There’s a lot of us who don’t know much about technology. This launch is helping us modernize and get up to par with everyone else,” she said.Maria Aguilar, left, showing Mayra Alfaro, right, how to operate the web app for La Colectiva. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.There is the potential, Aguilar said, of sharing the software with other members of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, which both Mission programs are part of. There are still challenges, however — such as getting members trained and comfortable using the app in the first place.For now, there’s still work to be done. Gabe Dominguez, a volunteer programmer who is helping to perfect the app, said it’s his job to craft the “production ready” version for distribution. Both the mobile app and the systems in the home office need to be integrated, so both can show the same information and can be accessed by all members, he said.But hope and the sense of something new is palpable among many members, like Maria Aguilar, who usually organizes La Colectiva’s theater troupe, and welcomes a modern addition to her work.“There’s a lot of need for accountability, and we always have questions. At least with the app, we’ll be able to get something taken care of quickly,” she said.Although there was a planned naming ceremony, the group never came to consensus and instead tabled that task for another day. For now, the Day Labor Program and La Colectiva will have to keep calling their new piece of tech “La App.” center_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletterlast_img read more

first_imgSeconds before the November, 2017, vote to arm the San Francisco Police Department with Tasers, the late Police Commission President Julius Turman begged his fellow commissioners to vote “no” on giving the department the electronic stun guns. As a commissioner, he had already seen a shift in police behavior under the new use-of-force rules, and he wanted to give officers time to let those changes take hold. “There is a cultural shift in the department slowly happening, and it can build and it can really take force,” he argued. “We need to focus on the things we are doing well. And we need to keep moving down that line.” “Please — please — commissioners,” he said. “Do not do this.” The majority of Turman’s colleagues did not heed his advice. But, nearly a year and a half later, his assertion appears prophetic. In spite of the 2017 Police Commission vote, Tasers have not yet been distributed to San Francisco police officers. And yet, officer use of force is down some 30 percent since 2016, and most of the department has undergone some level of crisis intervention training. Police used force 113 times during 50,000 mental health calls last year — 0.2 percent of the time. And the department has not shot a single person in more than a year.  Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter As Turman predicted, the cultural shift is happening. That necessitates the question: Why is the SFPD still asking for Tasers — weapons hawked as a means of reducing police killings? During this budget cycle, the SFPD is seeking $1 million to buy Tasers, a set-aside that the Board of Supervisors may or may not approve on Thursday. This ask also comes against the backdrop of three Taser-related deaths in San Mateo County last year — all of them unarmed men with a history of mental illness. The deaths caused the San Mateo Board of Supervisors to reassess the county sheriffs’ use of stun guns, and spurred calls for a moratorium on their use in the county. San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine said earlier this year that San Mateo’s Taser policy must be reevaluated. Until then, he told Reuters, “I personally think it would be appropriate to have a moratorium on their use.”On top of that, while the SFPD’s use of force has been steadily declining, the demographic on whom force is used remains relatively unchanged. Last year, black men were on the receiving end of 35 percent the SFPD’s force, despite comprising less than 5 percent of the city’s population. Data shows that Tasers as a force option are not exempt from this phenomenon.Late Police Commission President Julius Turman delivers remarks minutes before the vote to approve Tasers.Nevertheless, the SFPD is moving full steam ahead to arm its officers. Responding to an inquiry addressed to Chief Bill Scott, SFPD spokesman David Stevenson said the department was proud of its achievements in reducing force and police shootings. “We believe these achievements are not incompatible with the use of Electronic Controlled Weapons,” he said. “It is important to acknowledge that CIT tactics do not apply to every situation.”  Stevenson pointed out that the U.S. Department of Justice included Tasers as one of the SFPD’s 272 reform recommendations and added that only officers who have received 60 hours of CIT training can be armed with the stun guns. He estimated that more than 1,000 officers have gone through the training.  Scott said during a May 8 Police Commission meeting that the department is currently “developing infrastructure” for the stun guns’ implementation: establishing training, identifying areas where docking and charging stations are to be installed, and setting up a Taser review board. “We are very far along on the process for each of those issues,” Scott told the commissioners. But, he said, “Funding has to be released by the Board of Supervisors.” Might this not be the time to reconsider Turman’s argument? The answer to that question is, indeed, now in the hands of the Board of Supervisors’ Budget and Finance Committee, which is set to discuss — and possibly block — funding on Thursday. Last year, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer introduced a motion to block $3 million in funding for Tasers. It passed 3-2 with the support of Supervisor Norman Yee and then-Supervisor Malia Cohen. Fewer now chairs the committee; Yee is still a member; and, with Cohen having graduated to the state Board of Equalization, Supervisor Hillary Ronen, told Mission Local she is ready to block funding for the weapons. Fewer and Yee did not respond to Mission Local’s inquiries, but Ronen has staked out her position. “As we’ve been saying for quite some time, Tasers are not safe,” she said in a phone interview. “As a city we’re moving in the right direction, and to introduce Tasers right now would be a big mistake.” She said she is “absolutely willing to take that money out” of Breed’s budget proposal. She quoted reports stating that, since Axon, the manufacturer of Tasers, lowered the weapon’s electrical output in 2009, Tasers have been seen to increase the likelihood of a police shooting. Ronen believes using “time and distance” techniques, along with coordination with Department of Public Health personnel, can be far more effective in dealing with people in crisis, she said. While acknowledging Tasers can be “dangerous weapons,” Police Commission President Bob Hirsch, who in 2017 cast the deciding vote to implement Tasers, said the commission’s prior vote should be implemented.“I don’t know that the Department still needs Tasers, just as I didn’t know years ago,” he wrote in an email. “But I do know that the Chief still believes they can be an effective weapon when an alternative to deadly force is called for.”  Yet with the department’s progress, Turman’s argument seems timely. Arming officers with Tasers “is going to tell people when … we are moving this department in the right direction — that we are going to abandon that, just as things begin to get better.” center_img Email Addresslast_img read more

first_imgKEIRON Cunningham had plenty to say after Saints secured a top four playoff spot with a 42-38 win over Castleford.He praised his side’s ability to keep turning up for each other and eventually secure the points – but bemoaned the video refereeing system that saw his side denied a number of tries.“Our start was just what we wanted,” he said. “But the thing that is getting under my skin is the video referee system we have at the moment. It is just becoming a mockery of rugby league. The referee makes a decision on the field and it gets overturned after it has been looked at 1,000 times.“The Jon Wilkin no try is a massive swing for us and if it is given is game over. We had all the possession and at 24-0 it is game over for me.“All credit to Cas though, they had everything to play for and we knew they would come out fighting. We played into their hands. We were hard-nosed at first but then it started getting like touch footy; we missed tackles and were grabbing instead of using our shoulders like we did early in the match.“All credit to the lads though, we had a chat at half time – and Cas they went full length from a kick – but we just kept finding a way. In situations like that over the last few weeks as a team we haven’t found a way but tonight we did. “There was a period tonight where we were right on it and then Percy’s (Mark Percival) try isn’t given. There are blokes putting balls down with their little fingers – Achurch drops the ball last week and punches the floor because he didn’t score and it was given. Percy touched the ball down tonight and gets kicked in his face for his thanks and it is yet again another try overturned.“I think what you are getting is players coaching players how to play the the system. Joe Greenwood doesn’t touch Ben Roberts and he dives on the floor. It automatically goes upstairs when it is a great and well-executed try. At one point we get head and feed at a scrum, the second rower goes down and it is reviewed and overturned. We might as well not have a referee but have a video referee instead.“Three tries weren’t given tonight but we were resilient and hung on in there. We went down the field and scored again. That is the sign of a good side. Would I have liked the score to be better? Of course, but I am happy with the two points. It’s two away wins and I am more than happy with the points against two teams that needed to pick up points.”He continued: “With the ball in hand I thought we we looked electric. Walshy was great, Wilko too and Percy was phenomenal. Everyone stood up for us and backed up the start from last week. I would like our defence to be better but we were lovely with the ball.”last_img read more

first_imgSAINTS’ Betfred Super League campaign continues this afternoon when Castleford Tigers come to the Totally Wicked Stadium.We have a whole host of entertainment both on and off the field to bring you the ultimate matchday experience, which is ideal for all the family.Game Schedule:Turnstiles – Open 1:30pm.Club Face Painters – These will be operating in the Hattons Solicitors Family Stand and as well as the Totally Wicked North Stand from 1.30pm … come along and get your face painted in Saints colours for free!Inflatables – Rugby themed inflatables will be in the North and South West Stands.Crabbie’s – Check out their passing cage game near the Red Vee Cafe Bar – and you can get a free pair of sunglasses if you buy two Crabbie’s (whilst stocks last).Air Factory – Two trampolines from our partners Air Factory St Helens will also be near the bar – jump on and enjoy!Kiosk Food – We have a great range of food for you to sample at selected kiosks and we’ve teamed up with Big Al’s to bring a selection of Burgers and Pizza Twists to the Saints. You can also buy Youth Energy too.Member Offer – If you’re a member, you can take advantage of our any two Grab Bags (chocolate and sweets) for a fiver. Simply present your Membership Card at the kiosks to access this deal.Boots – Your favourite furry mascot Boots, who is sponsored by Small Wonders, will be in attendance in all the concourse areas from 1.30pm onwards so look out for him and say hello!The A Star Saints Angels – Will be performing a brand new routine before the game.Half Time – Our Crossbar Challenge in association with OD’s Jewellery & Watch Boutique will take place. Participants can win £100 in ODs vouchers. If you want to take part email the club at keepmeupdated@saintsrlfc.comCash Dash – Check out the great prizes!The match is sponsored by Quick Reach with the Typhoo as our Corporate Sponsor.Team News Saints have named their 19-man squad for the match. You can find out more here.Tickets Tickets for the game are available from the Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium or by calling 01744 455 052. Price details are here.There will be cash turnstiles on the Hattons Solicitors West, Totally Wicked North and East Stands.If you require a South Stand ticket then you need to head to the Ticket Office.Saints Superstore The Saints Superstore is open from 11am until kick-off. We will not be open after the game.Our new look programme #asone will once again be on sale.Featuring an interview with Tommy Makinson it is packed with all you need to know about your Super Saints!The cover has our players on one side of the V and randomly selected 2017 Members on the right hand side! Is your name there?There’s also the latest news and views from around the club, our Academy and community teams.It is priced at £3.Today’s programme is available on the concourse as well as in the Saints Superstore and is sponsored by Warrington AudiTravelMatchday Car Parking details are here.last_img read more

first_imgThe awards, sponsored by CCS & RAK Porcelain, will take place at the Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City FC on Thursday 20th June 2019.  Over 450 guests from 50+ clubs will experience a fine dining four course menu, awards ceremony, followed by an exclusive onsite after party until the very early hours.The Matchday Hospitality Award, Small Stadium (up to 1000 hospitality seats) sponsored by Verteda, is reported by professional Salon Culinaire chef judges who experience hospitality at UK and Irish clubs this season using strict criteria.Dave Hutchinson, General Manager from St. Helens RFC, added: “We are proud to be nominated for such a prestigious award, to be chosen alongside stadia right across the UK covering both Rugby and Football is fantastic for the Club and we are particularly delighted for our staff who work so hard to provide great service and entertainment at every home game this season”Stadium Experience Chair Person Collette Salmon, from Liverpool Football Club, commented: “Stadium teams work tirelessly, striving to bring excellence in their venues for both matchday hospitality and non-matchday events.  These awards aim to recognise and celebrate all of this hard work and commitment.  Congratulations and best of luck to all of this year’s award nominees – We look forward to announcing the results at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester on 20th June!”The prestigious event aims to recognise the efforts and dedication shown by the catering, conference and events teams at every football and rugby stadium across the UK and Ireland.  There will be a total of 14 different award categories, with a Bronze, Silver and Winner award for each presented on the evening.For more information on the awards visit: read more

first_imgFaye Gaskin showed the way with a fabulous hat-trick and also converted nine of the tries for a personal haul of 30 points.Lizzie Graham celebrated her first start of the season with her first try of the campaign. The interchange bench showed the power and pace ready to supplement the first choices scoring three tries. Claire Mullaney, Danni Bush and Eboni Partington all scoring their first tries in the Red Vee.Further tries from Jodie Cunningham, Naomi Williams, Leah Burke, Zoe Harris and Tara Jones showed the gulf in class between the Saints and newly promoted Trinity.Despite the massive score Coach Dec Hardman wasn’t totally satisfied with his charges and knows that there is a lot of hard work to be done for the visit of our neighbours Wigan in the Challenge Cup Quarter Final.WAKEFIELD TRINITYTeam: Clifton, Lewis, Brinkley, Rose, Billington, Woods, Ryan, Swaine, Zanre, Catling, Watt, Rhodes, Hirst.Interchanges: Reynard, Brierley, Shackleton, Hopkins.ST.HELENSTeam: Cunningham, Avenell, Williams, Burke, Harris, Gaskin, Gladman, Jones, Crowl, Birchall, D. Stott, B. Stott.Interchanges: Partington, Bush, Lovejoy, Mullaney.Tries: Jones, Cunningham, Gaskin x3, Williams, Mullaney, Harris, Partington, Gladman, L.Burke, Bush.Goals: Gaskin 9 from 13HT: 0-32FT: 0-66last_img read more

first_img The closure allowed crews to replace a 70-year-old concrete culvert with a new, larger culvert that will better drain excess water from Greenfield Lake.Click here for more information on the project. 3rd Street in front of Greenfield Lake reopens. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A popular intersection is back to normal operation following months of one section being closed for construction work.The NC Department of Transportation closed S. 3rd Street/Burnett Boulevard between Willard Street and Carolina Beach Road in April. The section of road(3rd St) was expected to remain closed through Dec. 31.- Advertisement – last_img read more

first_imgAtlanta Crumbley, Trisitian Kelly (BCSO) BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has arrested two people they believe shot into a home over the weekend.The Sheriff’s office says Tristian Stone Kelly and Atlanta Crumbley were wanted for shooting into an occupied dwelling that happened Friday at a home on Shade Tree Lane in Supply.- Advertisement – The Sheriff’s Office says no one was injured during the shooting.The 19-year-old Kelly is charged with stealing a gun and shooting into a home. He is in the County detention facility under a $40,000 dollar bond. We are waiting for more information on the charges for Crumbley who is 17.last_img read more