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first_imgThe Karamanlis government has come under sustained attack for its early closure of Parliament’s plenary session two Fridays ago.The surprise decision by Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis to declare Parliament in recess continued to provoke reactions.The summer sessions of Parliament, where it operates at reduced capacity, have commenced almost a month early.Opposition parties accused Karamanlis of taking the decision so that no new scandals could reach the House before the European parliamentary elections on June 7. Under Greek law prosecutors can only send case files which involve parliamentarians during a full sitting of Parliament.“Such scheming does not befit a just state,” said PASOK leader George Papandreou during a meeting of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV). “It creates the impression that those in power have complete immunity for any offense.”Mr Papandreou stressed that the European parliamentary elections will be a referendum that will send the message to the Karamanlis government and the ND party that the Greeks wish to change a course at a national and European level. The government – and the political system as a whole – came in for criticism from Dimitris Daskalopoulos, SEV’s president, who called for “a political and ethical renewal in our parties and society.”Costa Karamanlis has adopted a more aggressive stance in his speeches in an apparent bid to appeal to ND’s grassroots support so that a likely defeat on June 7 will not have a large margin.Mr. Karamanlis attacked George Papandreou and accused him of mud-slinging, disinformation, verbosity and of playing party politics.In reference to the early closure of Parliament the Karamanlis said: “This government has absolutely nothing to hide; it has nothing to cover up. The government wants to approach the European elections on political terms; it wants a calm political climate.”Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga stated that Parliament’s closure surprised the government itself, adding that the closure serves the writing off of scandals, as all scandals made until 2007 have been written off. Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN) leader Alexis Tsipras accused Costas Karamanlis of “running, panic-stricken, into hiding in order to avoid his responsibilities” while, in reply to press questions, said that Karamanlis was governing without the consensus of the society nor even of those who have voted for him.A new poll predicted that the PASOK is likely to easily win next month’s Euro election.The Public Issue survey indicated that PASOK would garner 28 percent of the vote and New Democracy 23.5 with the other three parliamentary parties each collecting 5.5 percent. Anything more than a 3-4 percent win for PASOK would be considered a damaging blow to the Karamanlis government. However, a factor that could yet affect the final outcome is the number of voters who say they are still undecided.According to the poll, 8.5 percent of more than the 1,000 people questioned have not decided who will get their vote. Another 6 percent said they will not vote and 7.5 percent said they will cast blank ballots. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram According to Australia’s Ambassador to Greece, John Griffin things are looking up in Greece. In a meeting on Thursday with Economy Minister Dimitris Papadimitriou, Mr Griffin said he was satisfied with developments in Greece and further acknowledged that opportunities are being created for enterprises, reports Kathimerini.Speaking on behalf of Australia, the ambassador stressed that his home country is behind Greece in their efforts to improve the economy and willing to contribute.To help move the country in the right direction, Mr Papadimitriou said Greek exports should be further promoted abroad, including the Australian market and cited Greece’s highly skilled human resources.last_img read more

first_img“[Climate change] is real. It is happening. We can see it out our windows,” said John Neary, who heads the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center “And we’ll continue to say that. But we’ll say it in an engaging, positive way that connects people instead of just infuriates people.” (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/Alaska’s Energy Desk)This story is by both Rachel Waldholz and Elizabeth Jenkins with Alaska’s Energy Desk.Federal agencies and scientists both inside and outside government endured a roller coaster of a week as President Donald Trump’s new administration took the reins. Many worry that funding for science and environmental research could be on the chopping block under the new president, along with public communication about climate change. But so far, the only sure thing is: nothing’s for sure.For those who study climate change — or communicate about it — it was not a reassuring first week.Listen nowMemos went out to employees at the Departments of  Interior and Agriculture limiting public communication. The White House removed sections of its website on climate change, and the Environmental Protection Agency at first said it would follow suit, then backtracked.This came on top of the new president’s own statements on climate change. In the past, Trump has called global warming a hoax (he later said he was joking) and said during the campaign he’d “cancel” the Paris agreement to limit carbon emissions, though after the election, he told the New York Times he’s keeping an “open mind.”To Larry Hinzman, vice chancellor for research at the University of Alaska Fairbanks it all points to one thing: he expects federal funding for climate research to drop.“I’m sure that there will be less of an emphasis on climate research,” Hinzman said. “There’s just no question that’s going to be true.”Hinzman said Alaska is a hub for climate research, and “the lion’s share” of funding for that work comes from the federal government. He hopes the university can shift its emphasis.“We will reorient our efforts,” he said. “Still doing very similar work, still looking at how our terrestrial ecosystems are evolving, still looking at how fisheries change…looking at shipping. We’ll still be doing a lot of work that was related to climate research, it just has other foci now, other purposes.”Hinzman spoke Thursday at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium, which gathered scores of scientists in Anchorage, many of them focused on the effects of climate change.One of them was Carin Ashjian, a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. She worries the new administration doesn’t value basic science.“I’m very concerned,” Ashjian said. “I see an atmosphere of hostility toward science that I think is unfounded. And I also think it’s against the national interest.”It’s in the nation’s interest, she said, to understand how the environment is changing, so communities, industry and government agencies can plan for those changes.For Brendan Kelly, director of the Study of Environmental Arctic Change, the key concern is that federal researchers be allowed to work free of political influence. Kelly served in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy under former President Barack Obama.“The gold standard of high-quality science that comes out of this country, and has for a long time, is threatened when any entity of government – congress, the administration, whatever – starts to meddle with that peer-reviewed process,” Kelly said.But, Kelly said it’s too soon to say what the Trump administration will do.“I start by saying to everybody, take a deep breath,” Kelly said, with the reminder that all transitions are messy.That was also the message at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center in Juneau. Last Monday (Jan. 23), John Neary, the visitor center’s director, got an email. It was from the United States Department of Agriculture, his boss.“It said stop all media until we review how this is going to move forward,” Neary said. “It’s not abnormal to get that kind of a memo at the change of a presidential administration.”Neary has worked for federal agencies for over 30 years. He said he’s seen this kind of directive during transitions before: back when President Obama was sworn into office, and during the Bush administration before that.The next day, he received another message from the higher-ups; it said the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center could continue “normal communications.”Neary said that includes posting on social media about climate change. He said it’s not a political issue.“It is real. It is happening. We can see it out our windows,” Neary said. “We understand, based on all the facts, that it’s in part because of our actions as humans on Earth. And we’ll continue to say that. But we’ll say it in an engaging, positive way that connects people instead of just infuriates people.”Neary said unless he hears otherwise, that’s the plan. For now, it’s business as usual at the Mendenhall Glacier.last_img read more

first_img@710ESPNSeattle @AZSports Are you kidding me??? Someone should lose their jobs for that. Gets that crap off down.— Michael Mann (@mannmicj) November 16, 2015 Hey @710ESPNSeattle, are you getting nervous about our #SNF wager? #AZvsSEA— Arizona Sports (@AZSports) November 12, 2015 .@AZSports Honey Badger? That’s cute. We’ve got Beast Mode. Remember him? #AZvsSEA pic.twitter.com/V2dRIfMx9v— 710 ESPN Seattle (@710ESPNSeattle) November 12, 2015They got the last laugh that day, but the Cardinals came through for the win on Sunday which means 710 ESPN’s Twitter cover photo currently looks like this: .@AZSports Nah. You sure you’re ready for this? #Seahawks 9-0 in primetime games at home under Pete #AZvsSEA pic.twitter.com/AboO7vdkri— 710 ESPN Seattle (@710ESPNSeattle) November 12, 2015 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories Thanks for a fun wager @JessaMcIntyre! I can’t wait to see you wear the @Mathieu_Era jersey & take the Cardinals flag to the Space Needle 🙂— Paige Dimakos (@The_SportsPaige) November 16, 2015And obviously the week couldn’t pass without some smack talk between family. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retirescenter_img – / 42 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling A bet is a bet. Congrats on your win @AZSports. See you again in January. #AZvsSEA pic.twitter.com/9LDARNBgu8— 710 ESPN Seattle (@710ESPNSeattle) November 16, 2015While it would be pretty sweet if we had enough power to actually put a Cardinals flag on the Space Needle (and not just top-notch photoshop skills), tricking a few Seahawks fans was about as close as you can get. 0 Comments   Share   Coaches say it time and time again: You can celebrate a big win for 24 hours and then it’s time to move on to the next one.Since there are no such rules for fans, continue to bask in the Arizona Cardinals win over the Seattle Seahawks with a look at the bet payout from our sister station in Seattle.Last week, ArizonaSports made a bet with ESPN Seattle 710 AM on the game, wagering jerseys and Twitter banner photos. @710ESPNSeattle @AZSports are you kidding me? Get that garbage off of there.— Tim (@DaDalyDose) November 16, 2015 .@710ESPNSeattle Honey Badger doesn’t care about that 9-0 record. Are you ready for @Mathieu_Era? pic.twitter.com/namnVhiHgB— Arizona Sports (@AZSports) November 12, 2015last_img read more