Month: March 2017

This year, since the development of hazardous chemicals and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods safety special rectification, Xining city to comprehensively carry out a new round of production safety supervision and inspection departments again, investigation and management of hazardous chemicals, non coal mines, gas transportation and other types of risks 7234, progress in safety work.

Xining city in the planning of this year’s work, to improve the livelihood of the people as the focal point, continue to ensure that the proportion of financial investment in the people’s livelihood of not less than 80%, in order to speed up the construction of the well-being of the northern region to provide financial support.

in order to improve the masses of all ethnic groups in the North District in the development of happiness index, this year’s investment to continue to tilt to the people’s livelihood, the income of urban residents and farmers to maintain two digit growth based on the requirements of the annual livelihood invested 186 million yuan, an increase of 35.7%, accounting for 80.6% of total fiscal expenditure. The implementation of school safety engineering and standardization of school construction, the completion of Qilian Road Primary School, twenty miles of public kindergartens in the Jian Xinjian project. On the basis of the promotion of student egg milk project, the implementation of the pilot free lunch remote primary school. Adhere to the employment of the people, to speed up the construction of business incubator base area, the implementation of special employment training, and effectively protect the 4045 and the town of zero employment families, poor families, as well as the employment of rural surplus labor. Support people to start their own businesses, to support the development of small and micro enterprises, the completion of the district employment training and guidance center to promote entrepreneurship employment. read more


regions in order to further encourage students’ entrepreneurial activities, have launched some good social policy, including college students entrepreneurship can keep their status, recently launched in Taizhou on such measures.

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2012, is the year of the eighteen great victory of the party, but also the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Xining branch grand opening of the year. To this end, Xining branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank adhering to the "honest, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, firmly grasp the opportunities for development, efforts to promote work initiatives, development ideas more clear, institution construction is progressing well, related business has developed rapidly, and improve the level of service, showing a rapid development momentum of healthy and stable, for in-depth study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to accelerate the economic development of Qinghai into a powerful force. read more

Southern province a rare low temperature

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The north cold air, January 10th, minus 30 degrees Celsius below the lowest temperature in our province Qingshui River, Chengduo, dari, Henan, Tuotuohe, Qilian gander Toale and other regions, including Qingshui River, Yushu, Chengduo dari lowest extreme since 1961, Zaduo, Henan, banma, gander is the lowest value since 2000. According to the provincial Climate Center experts, since the beginning of January 5th to 6, the province began to appear during the cold weather, cold weather, etc. Yushu Southern 14 Maqin area and Golmud small fires, Dachaidan, emergence of strong cold air in Zeku, Delingha and other 4 regions appear moderate cold air cold lake, Qilian Toale, Guinan and other 6 regions, and Qingshui River, Chengduo Zaduo, Gunther southern part of the region such as mild to moderate snow, snow maintained for a long time, led to the southern part of the Qilian Mountains area in our province and low temperature. According to statistical analysis, from January 5th to 9, the province’s average minimum temperature of minus 16.2 degrees Celsius, higher than the average annual temperature of 1.8 degrees celsius. Around the mean minimum temperature of minus 29.2 degrees Celsius to 6.3 degrees Celsius, compared with the same period of the calendar year, the green parts of South Qilian Mountains and the average minimum temperature is 0.1 degrees Celsius to 3.7 degrees Celsius, the average minimum temperature. The rest of the 0.2 degrees Celsius to 6.1 degrees celsius. With the cold air gradually strengthened, in January 10th, our province Qingshui River area known as the minimum temperature of minus 45.9 degrees Celsius, in minus 35.6 degrees Celsius to minus 35.9 degrees Celsius, gander, Henan is minus 33.9 degrees Celsius to minus 31 degrees Celsius, Tuotuohe, Qilian is under 32.6 degrees Celsius zero Ptolemy, minus 30 degrees Celsius following the extreme minimum temperature of 6 regions, including Qingshui River, Yushu, Chengduo dari lowest extreme minimum temperature since 1961, Zaduo, gander, Henan, banma minimum temperature minimum since 2000. For the cold wave weather process, the southern region of the meteorological department in a timely manner to carry out a variety of early warning and forecasting services. Meteorological experts warned that the southern region of the province a rare cold weather, people’s production and living and livestock, transportation and other adverse effects. The next three southern region will continue cold weather, to remind the relevant departments to actively take effective measures, and effectively protect the tap water, heating, electricity, communications and other production safety; strengthen the fodder reserves, good livestock antifreeze warm work; the masses travel should be promptly add warm clothing, pay attention to the prevention of influenza and other respiratory diseases.   read more

After two days of intense competition, the fifth national disabled occupation skill competition ended in Wuhan in July 12th, our province delegation won the contest "Cooperation Award", the contestants are not afraid of strong, success.

is now more convenient than before, and do not have to go to the special ticket to Xining bus station, the home of the postal outlets can buy." Mr. Zhang told reporters that his home in Datong County, because of work reasons often in Xining and Lanzhou, every time to advance to Xining or friend to the bus station to buy a ticket, now the postal company in various outlets began outlets originating in Xining bus ticket, in Datong County postal outlets can buy tickets, no longer trouble friends. read more

innovative financial poverty alleviation is a key element of Xining’s financial reform. At present, the city has formed a more perfect rural financial system, the reform of rural poverty alleviation policy financial support, without collateral, the credit loans, many farmers from the family to make arrangements for the breeding and planting industry, began to get rich. In October 10th, the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yan Shujiang and finance, finance, agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation department related personnel to go to Huangyuan County Rural Village, Sun Bo hang Taiwan Xiang Sun Village research financial boost poverty alleviation. read more

February 2nd is the twentieth World Wetlands Day, reporters learned that in recent years, the Qinghai Lake giant water, unique geographical environment and biological diversity, become rare waterfowl breeding and migration, the water area increased, wetland index rose, Qinghai Lake has become the international important wetland. Up to now, Qinghai Lake International Wetland comprehensive health index was 5.87, the total area of wetlands reached 468 thousand and 600 hectares.

to further enhance the board units and cadres and workers of the fire safety awareness and responsibility, improve the fire safety knowledge and skills, the afternoon of April 27th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau held a "fire safety knowledge", invited the Qinghai Zheng an fire knowledge consultation center Zhang instructor lecture, the board units in charge of production safety the director of the office of general affairs, leadership, chief, chief of medical services, the director of the nursing department, the offices of relevant personnel of 47 cadres and workers to attend the lecture.   read more

celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the national celebration of the moment, the province’s water conservancy construction and then spread the good news. June 30th, with a total investment of 570 million Yuan Yang Reservoir in the east of the city of Ledu District, the town of Gao Yang village officially started construction. The construction of the project will be the rational development and utilization of regional water resources for the downstream cities and towns to provide reliable water resources and industrial and agricultural development. read more

July 30th, the reporter walked into the city of Xining twenty miles north of the town of village shop in the home, giving the first feeling is like entering a park in the city of Xue Fubang. The unique China traditional architecture part, what you saw is gone. Along with circular arched corridor corridor inside, I saw the trees, rockery, fountain, pool birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, side by side, creating a harmonious coexistence of people and the environment beautiful picture. This is one of the first selected North City beautiful room (beautiful courtyard) family. read more

Qinghai BYD lithium project started

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10 29, Qinghai BYD 10HWH power lithium battery project, with an annual output of 20 thousand tons annual production capacity of battery materials production and recycling projects in Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park and Nanchuan Haidong airport comprehensive economic zone construction. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng met in Xining, chairman of the board of directors of Byd Company Limited.

meeting, Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng and his party to welcome and thanks to the green. Wang Guosheng said, Qinghai Li is rich in resources, the development of lithium industry in line with the central requirements for the work in Qinghai, Qinghai in line with the direction of industrial development. In recent years, Qinghai vigorously develop lithium and other emerging industries, and strive to build one hundred billion yuan lithium industry base. Byd Co is the new energy industry leading enterprises, two of the lithium industry project located in Qinghai, is a strong impetus to Qinghai industrial transformation and upgrading, to achieve green development. I hope the two sides to cooperate as an opportunity to accelerate the signing of the project construction, while strengthening cooperation in the field of technical research, industrial chain extension, new energy vehicle development, personnel training and other areas to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. read more

fall semester, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education to carry out the activities of the poor college students funded activities, a total of 258 thousand yuan to raise funds to support the city of Xining, the city’s secondary school students of poor students of the year 88.

it is understood that the funding activity is divided into four categories, Qinghai province investment fund has funded 16 people, every 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan; Hibiscus students grant funded 30 people, 3000 yuan per student; the heart of students’ student action funded 7 people, 3000 yuan per student; Qinghai mobile "grant funded 35 people, 2000 yuan per student. read more

For the in-depth study of the spirit of the propaganda of the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee twelve plenary session of the five provincial Party committee and government and the people, build good communication platform, broaden the government information disclosure channels, to create a good public opinion environment, the office of the provincial government official micro-blog WeChat platform "Qinghai government" in micro-blog, micro-blog, Sina, Xinhua people’s micro-blog, micro-blog and Tencent WeChat officially opened.During the trial run read more

In order to meet the urban lower middle income families basic housing demand, investment 29 million yuan Chengbei District of Xining City, rental housing in the West Sea, East Lian (Minxin garden) to the south of the construction of public rental housing two six, a total of 144 sets, the average floor area of 50 square meters, total residential construction area of 7200 square meters. The area will be equipped with monitoring facilities, outdoor fitness equipment and other facilities. Indoor facilities are complete, the kitchen is equipped with a wash basin and operating table, bathroom equipped with sanitary ware, no decoration can be admitted. The project in July last year to start construction, the current main cap has been completed, is expected to be completed at the end of August. By then, the district can solve the problem of 144 new workers and sandwich class crowd housing problem. (author: Su Jianping, Zhao Yongming) read more

April 7th, the provincial government held a full implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot work plan meetings, implement the spirit of the State Council executive meeting in March 18th and March 30th the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on video conference, Qinghai comprehensive arrangements for replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) trial preparations. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. read more

The day before, Xining City District IRS for winter characteristics, strengthen the safety duty office, strengthen the office hours for migrant workers to ensure access to registration, office building, building safety institute. Implementation of official vehicles to send car system, do a good job in winter driving protection, to avoid traffic accidents.  

The City District Local Taxation Bureau Third to regulate the rental tax behavior of both sides as the focus, vigorously remediation leasing industry tax order, recently, the Bureau of special arrangements were examined in three groups for this area of business scope includes leasing enterprises, inspected 13 enterprises, to check the books and documents of more than 70, the rental housing situation enterprise to do a comprehensive and meticulous investigation, make the area rectify and standardize the order of tax effect. (author: Cui Baolin, Wang Wei) read more

6 19, vice governor Wang Liming met to attend the seventeenth session of the Green Fair Shandong Gold Group Limited chairman and party secretary Chen Yumin, the two sides will further strengthen cooperation and realize common development of enterprises, in-depth conversation.

Wang Liming Shandong Gold Group for many years to give thanks for the support of Qinghai, introduced the situation and the development of the industry in Qinghai province. He said that Qinghai is a large province of resources, but also an important ecological security barrier. In recent years, Qinghai adhere to the ecological protection of the first concept, to accelerate the development of recycling economy and realize green development as the important path to change the mode of development, speed up the supply side structural reform, and actively cultivate lithium, new materials, photovoltaic thermal and Saline Lake comprehensive utilization of resources characteristic advantage industry development in the green on the road has taken a solid pace. Shandong gold group is an important gold producer in China, and has been actively involved in Qinghai’s economic construction for many years. I hope the Shandong gold group to further increase capital investment, accelerate resource exploration, in-depth cooperation in resource development, national technology, lithium and other emerging industries. read more