Month: April 2017

Since the implementation of the party’s mass line educational practice, the city of Xining in conjunction with the actual work of the city, and actively carry out research and Pan Village easy relocation project, to support the project in an orderly manner.

village is located in the north of the village, about 10 km from Xining. Since the response to the national call for 5954 acres of farmland conversion, has no arable land, the villagers in addition to returning farmland to forest compensation. In order to facilitate the villagers to travel, so that the villagers out of the mountains, get rid of poverty, the East District actively carry out the relocation of the village to ease poverty. In the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government support, land resettlement in the pan Zi Shan Cun Sha Tang Chuan Zhu Village 31.23 acres of land on the east side of construction, plans to build 10 buildings, supporting the village, kindergartens, shops, farmers market, a total investment of about about 80000000 yuan. read more

from 2015 onwards, Qinghai pension services will be open to the entire community.

it is understood that from next year, Qinghai will arrange 3 to 5 pension services into the year’s large-scale investment platform. Successful investment of pension services professional enterprises or social organizations, enjoy preferential policies for investment in Qinghai.

at the same time, Qinghai is also planning in the province, good climatic conditions, superior infrastructure, the elderly area inhabited by the construction of about 15, the level of national standard pension institutions pension services, to meet the needs of the elderly. read more