Month: June 2017

How to choose the right investment jewelry

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site for entrepreneurs is an important factor, a good location for entrepreneurship more worry, shop need to focus on site selection, the method is essential, the market momentum of good jewelry. Now investors in the jewelry store, we should do a good job preparing for the competition. In fact, in the early stages of jewelry stores, how to choose the location?

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a lot of friends are very interested in infant clothing, this field is indeed very promising. Want to open a baby clothing store, is not an easy thing, need to consider a number of operating factors, to see whether the site is appropriate, how to attract customers to operate. Different grades of children’s clothing, the location of the different ways.

A, near the kindergarten

for 0 to 7 year old children’s clothing shop near the kindergarten is a good choice. If it is a relatively high quality kindergarten, in the vicinity of infant clothing stores, the best grades and styles are high quality. For the ordinary kindergarten, clothing varieties to be more, the price of   also lower. read more

Internet business has become the market in recent years, although now in many city with the Internet business, however, every city economic development is different, the Internet industry related business development progress, nature will not the same. With the continuous development of the cause of the whole business, Wuhan will become China’s Internet venture fourth city!

6, "Wuhan Unicorn enterprises and Internet entrepreneurs’ fourth city ‘Roundtable dialogue held in Optics Valley, entrepreneurs, investors and experts and scholars to participate in the dialogue that Wuhan in recent years the emerging high quality Internet venture, local science and education resources and location advantages to attract further release, IT talent agglomeration and capital is concerned, to the following Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou. After the China Internet business" fourth city ". The event was jointly organized by the joint venture of the city. read more

Personality can dominate the market

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if the others are doing the same business, you start from another in another way, I believe that your business will be more popular, it is to highlight the personality, after this business of, believe that your business can monopolize the market!

undeniable, current consumption is constantly upgrading, never the basic demands of food and clothing, but communication changes, highlight the personality is more and more mainstream consumer demand and. And business opportunities are also attached to the provision of personality choice. read more


13th Five-Year" period, we can feel that the policy for entrepreneurship education attention, therefore, provinces and cities have established business college. Recently, Shenzhen has also set up a business college, in order to better establish the entrepreneurial thinking of college students, improve the quality of entrepreneurship.

3 15, a reporter from the Shenzhen City Board of education informed the official website, Shenzhen University has established business college, the college does not refer to the traditional sense of the university teaching college, but similar to the "business center", for all students entrepreneurship courses, through the introduction of entrepreneurs, angel investors and other external resources, to give students entrepreneurship practice guide or boost the incubator project. read more

traditional hot pot is indeed a good business market, however, the market is now very competitive. Therefore, if you want to make the business more popular, naturally need to take more measures to operate. As for the hot pot market, outside the hot pot is a business innovation. So, operating outside the hot pot to send a business market?

in the middle of December 2010, a wave of super cold hot hot pot business in Shenzhen, the major hot pot shop in front of a long queue waiting. Do not want to line up, do not want to worry about stove? In January 10th, little sheep Hot pot delivery will launch Hot pot 17 stores in Shenzhen delivery service, and opened 400 hotline, consumers will enjoy a telephone at home Hot pot reeky. read more

annual Spring Festival Gala has a very familiar figure – Sa Beining, from handsome to tease than he, has a lot of friends like him, his private life is also a cause for concern. Recently, the net exposure Sa Beining proposal success.

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No money how small business for your weapon

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in fact what things will not be smooth sailing, smooth sailing is the most simple expectations, but also for entrepreneurship, but no money how to start it? As the saying goes, nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind on it. Therefore, there is no way for man to go.


money so the purchase? This is one of the biggest question, actually you don’t have to worry about, as long as you are a thinking person, then you can convince the supplier for you free delivery, as long as he can be available to you, you have to sell, market knowledge and operation is the key, but also let you win a foundation, trust of others so that only you know how to convince others, their confidence is the most basic. read more

we all need to know that the new store is just too good to start a business. Because consumers are not familiar with this brand, prefer old brands. Want to make the new store business better, you need to develop a good store management strategy. Cosmetics industry contains great business opportunities, new stores need to pay attention to what issues?

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Online shop eight trick to share

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in the network is now a small store is a lot of people’s entrepreneurial goal, at the same time, in the online shop also need to pay attention to some aspects of business strategy, in the online shop has become very popular today, the market competition is the natural existence, master these, can easily win.

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shop want to make money, you can use a lot of strategies, if you want to have the protection of the investment business, you can learn more about the skills of the shop, you want to make money on the need to spend their minds, the cost of what? Take a look at it, I hope to help you.

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for returning home to start this work, Jiangsu is very important. Recently, the City Council on the New District of the Yanghe River conducted an investigation, I believe the policy will be to help more people realize the dream of becoming rich.

3 8, the Municipal People’s Social Council on the management of the center director Zang Hui and the Municipal Office of the relevant personnel to the the Yanghe River new area of migrant workers to return home to study entrepreneurship. Different types of social organizations to participate in the organization of the 5 representatives of returning home to participate in the research forum. read more

How to run a special noodle shop

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if you want to start, so the catering industry is a good business choice, choose to open a distinctive noodle shop, the cost is relatively low, but the profit is large, all want to succeed in the catering industry entrepreneurs preferred. With the development of pasta market, noodle industry competition is more and more intense, how to remain invincible in the competition, many entrepreneurs have become the most worried about. Here are some of the characteristics of the noodle shop operating essentials, I hope to help you. read more

in the fierce competition today, you want to succeed must pay attention to the way. In the marketing community, there is a word we must know that it is the powerful combination, but these four words can be said to be the exclusive words bigwigs. For small and medium enterprises, if anything to achieve cooperation, only in their own news YY. So, in the domestic economy and the industry economy is not winter, if modestly as "heating" but is the atmosphere and calm.

1) products cooperation. It refers to the introduction of a combination of product partners in the same market, the most common is the combination of product features or brand portfolio. Such as instant noodles and ham sausage bundling, Nestle coffee and milk drink three flower function combination, Pepsi Co and Yahoo Corp combined online and offline promotion plan etc.. At this stage, more suitable for the majority of small and medium enterprises are adopted by the circle of internal brand cooperation, improve brand concentration. read more

As long as the mention of

made in China, no one does not know, whether it is at home, or in the world, China has a certain reputation. Special glass fiber materials from China’s space satellite are from a private enterprise in Jiangsu, Nantong. November 4th, the reporter walked into the enterprise, to understand the road made in Jiangsu feitian.


for the production of special glass fiber materials for aerospace vehicle enterprise called Jiangsu Jiuding new material Limited by Share Ltd, the last century in 70s, it is Nantong Rugao town as a textile factory. More than and 40 years, this little-known small enterprises in the market economy, aimed at the market demand, continuous innovation and development of new products, now it has stood to the top of domestic special glass fiber industry, and reached the advanced level in the world. read more

2016, a new batch of innovation and entrepreneurship competition started. Many entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial representatives of the same game, with a variety of forms to show entrepreneurial projects and creative style, in the harvest of investment and help but also in the exchange of learning progress.

the first "Songhu Cup" innovation and entrepreneurship contest officially opened today. 39 teams, 60 players on behalf of the enterprise will be the ultimate showdown in the academic conference center of Dongguan University of Technology, the 100 second speed roadshow, project investment mentor platform canvassing, expert judges on-site comments. Also invited to the scene of a number of domestic venture rookie, venture capital sector, big coffee, etc., together with the final finals of the ten finals of the innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and share the entrepreneurial experience with the players. read more

Literary fan Taobao shop into 30 million

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this shop called "still walking", the main literary style, the pursuit of simple, comfortable experience, the most eye-catching is similar to the first such personalized copy. In most cases, female fans began to be moved by the text of the store, and then put on the clothes store.

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today, "two rich generation" one word more is a derogatory term, is a kind of a symbol, have neither learning nor skill over reliance on home. In fact, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to a rich two generations of girls, through their own efforts, the ultimate success stories.


3 on the evening of 17, in the district Xiaolongkan old factory in the stall type exploration, a simple Hot pot shop voice loud, 10 tables of guests All seats are occupied., was enjoying Hot pot. A fat girl in the shop is busy with food, pour boiling water, warmly greet guests…… read more

although many people now know that the mother and child market is very broad, however, the general provision of services is limited to a variety of maternal and child care, in the current market has been unable to meet the needs of more consumers. In this context, providing one-stop maternal and child services will undoubtedly have more development opportunities.

first go to beauty salons to do during the beauty, go to maternal stores selection of clothes for the upcoming birth of the baby, go to a predetermined confinement mechanism yuesao. A lot of pregnant women have deep experience, a trip down, hard work and time and effort! In 2016, you will be in a one-stop maternal and Child Science Museum to meet all of the above wishes. read more

business opportunities in recent years, the market can be described as multifarious, endless, many entrepreneurs face numerous entrepreneurial projects, do not know how to start. Now olayje and minimally invasive network cooperation, to provide reliable support for the majority of entrepreneurs.

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