Month: August 2017

2008, SouFun announced that it will complete the 100 city strategy, the local real estate website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as a real estate portal struggle intensified, in regional development and consolidate the foundation, need to continue operation modes of innovation, constant self denial, as the market changes and development new product. In 2008, the situation of the real estate industry websites became more and more serious.


2008 video will become the mainstream of the application of real estate related websites. Taking a look at several major domestic web portals, we can see that video technology has begun to be applied in many ways. read more

to webmaster, Internet bar just started, no feeling, template not how, and also heard that is soft Wen, but later my view changed. Because it is a web content? If stationmaster net basic is soft, it (I this is not soft. The original yo) but soft, soft features, why, the answer is very simple, these soft, very practical, these soft, we basically didn’t read, but in our stationmaster net read and learn. So soft in Webmaster nets, I think with originality no difference.

is talking about forums.. The forum template is not up to much. Template or 6?. Ha-ha。 Miss the tide. It doesn’t matter if you don’t catch the tide. As a user, what you want is information. Stationmaster net forum has done, (everybody comes stationmaster net is not see template?. Domain name trading, link trading, program trading, etc.. That’s enough. I also sell domain names to buy websites. But at the same time, I also buy good, cheap domain names. I sold it in the main net. Also bought. That’s enough, read more

look at the hot summer is coming, the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to recommend some simple for venture entrepreneurship. Summer.

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January 11, 2006, sophomore year, the final exam of the final exam, I spent the night surfing the Internet to do blog. At that time, I didn’t even know what blog was. I just heard it a little earlier and tried to build my first blog. So after that until March this year, more than two years, I had one day does not fall to maintain this blog has been enthusiastically explore its positioning and development direction. During that time, I’ve met countless bloggers, and I prefer to call them bloggers! They are not in the strict sense of the webmaster, they do not know Admin5, but do not know why the king Xu also, but in them, I have gained a lot of useful inspiration for the webmaster. One of the most recent days, accidentally opened the new edition of Tianya blog home page, and saw the familiar blog name, not to think of those who have gone through with me blog webmaster. read more

yesterday, I published an article about "webmaster, did you find the reason for the unsuccessful operation of the website"? Beyond the expected imagination. Did not expect to visit 400+ times, commented ten. And a lot of people added my QQ. As a result, I have increased my enthusiasm for publishing again. I hope this article will bring you more harvest. At the same time, my writing is very poor, I hope to be able to feel some inner feelings and experience, so that we can see the article. read more