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first_img Share Share Tweet LocalNews Grenadian national involved in road traffic accident in Tarreau by: – January 26, 2012 Sharing is caring!center_img Share Bedford Truck in Thursday’s accident. A Grenadian national and four Dominicans have sustained injuries as a result of a road traffic accident “under the cliff” in the village of Tarreau.Dominica Vibes News can report that about 4pm on Thursday a Suzuki Jeep registration number PK 992 driven by the Grenadian national and a Bedford truck registration number TB 878 with four Dominican passengers which were both travelling in a northerly direction collided.Suzuki Jeep involved in Thursday’s accidentAccording to an eye witness report; “both vehicles were travelling north when the driver of the jeep attempted to overtake and the truck followed his lead. The truck ended up hitting the jeep in the rear which caused the jeep to spin out of control. The truck then collided into the cliff”.All four were seriously injured and unconfirmed reports indicate that one of the men sustained serious injuries to his legs, while the Grenadian national sustained minor bruises to the head.Dominica Vibes News will provide confirmed report from the police as soon as it becomes available.Orange truck involved in minor accident in Canefield.Meanwhile, there was a minor accident in the Canefield area in the vicinity of Miniya’s 7-11 on Thursday afternoon which involved an orange truck and a Chinese national.The Chinese national supposedly parked the truck adjacent to Miniya’s 7-11 in Canefield but the truck began moving slowly indicating that the handbrakes may not have been fully engaged.The truck entered into a ditch and damaged a section of the Canefield Airport’s fence. Dominica Vibes News 76 Views   2 commentslast_img read more

first_imgWhen the NCAA had their rules committee devise a plan to speed up basketball games and improve scoring, they again put the referees in a tough position.  If you watch a game today, you will notice that simply touching a player away from the basket is a foul but you can beat a big man to a pulp under the basket and not get a foul called on you.  How many times have you seen a player get called for an illegal pick this year?  In one game there were 4 illegal picks called in 4 consecutive possessions.  Players have no clue as to what they can do.  These are the rules that officials are supposed to be calling.As far as I am concerned, all this has done is slow down the game rather than speeded it up.  They are calling more and more picky fouls and there is a constant parade to the free throw line.  Add to this the NCAA’s rule that you must check the monitor in the last 2 minutes of a half for any questionable call, and I think they are adding a half hour to the games rather than reducing them.Scoring is up but only because of the 30-second clock in the NCAA and the additional free-throw shooting that is taking place.  However, the games are longer.last_img read more