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first_img Tags: Buddo SScopa coca-colatop Buddo SS has now won two championships (courtesy photo).Copa Coca-Cola 2018Blessed Sacrament Kimanya 0-1 BuddoKakyeka Stadium, MbararaSaturday, 19-05-2018.Buddo SS clinched their second Copa Coca-Cola title on Saturday after defeating Blessed Sacrament Kimanya 1-0 I the finals.Frank Ssebufu’s 09th minute strike was all that the Wakiso based school needed to add onto their 2009 crown.Despite the previous heroics shown by Kimanya, they could not bleach a well organised Buddo defence that saw out the game like they have done all campaign.This was Buddo’s second championship in the history of the 25 year old tournament after winning it for the first time in 2009.To get to the finals, Buddo eliminated Agape in the semi final match played on Friday, when they required spot kicks to eliminate the Namutamba district based school.For the losing finalists, Kimanya who played almost the entire tournament with only 11 players minus substitutes, shocked 2017 winners Jinja SS 1-0 in the semi finals.This was the first time that Kimanya reached the finals of this championship, which is the biggest football show piece amongst secondary schools.In the third play-off game, Agape S.S defeated to deal the third and final berth that will see them represent the country at this year’s East African championship.A total of 59 schools took part in the annual championship that has been played for now 25 years.This year’s tournament has been hosted by Mbarara High School who were eliminated by Agape at the quarter finals stage.Present and retired Uganda Cranes stars as Joseph Kabagembe, David Obua, Richard Malinga, Allan Okello, Tonny Mawejje, Muhammed Shaban, Faruku Miya, Joseph Ochaya, Kezironi Kizito, William Luwagga Kizito, Denis Iguma and many others have played this championship.The Knock out results of this year’s championships:Round of 16:• Blessed Sacrament Kimanya 1-0Ryakasinga CHE• Jinja Secondary School 2-1 Hill View College• Jinja Progressive Academy 2-3Agape S.S• Buddo S.S 3-0 Mbarara High School• St Julian High School 0 (5) – 0 (4)Old Kampala S.S• Hands of Grace 0 (15) – 0 (16)Welden• St Mary’s Kitende 0 (5) – 0 (6) Lira Town College• Kigezi High School 2-0 St Paul High School.Quarterfinals:o Welden High School, Mbarara 0-1Agape S.So Blessed Sacrament Kimanya 0 (4) – 0 (1) St Julian, Gayazao Jinja S.S 2-0 Lira Town Collegeo Buddo S.S 2-0 Kigezi High SchoolSemi-finals:o Jinja S.S 0-1 Blessed Sacrament Kimanyao Buddo S.S 0 (3) – 0 (1) Agape S.SThe Group stages:GROUP A:1.Kamuge High School – Bukedi2.Blessed Sacrement Secondary School – Masaka3.Panyango Secondary School- West Nile.4.Mbarara High School – Mbarara5.ST.Peters Secondary School – Hoima.6.Adwari Secondary School – Lango.7.Bakita.GROUP B:1.Lubiru Secondary School – Kampala2.Masaka Secondary School – Masaka3. Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School- Rwenzori4.Welden High School- Mbarara5.Jinja Secondary School- Busoga6.Green Valley High School – Mukono7.ST.Joseph Buyala- Mbale8.Bishop Angelo Negri College- Acholi.GROUP C:1.St Julian High School – Wakiso2.Saviour High School – Luweero3.St. Paul Secondary School- Rwenzori4.Kitala Model Secondary School – Bumyoro5.Royal Giant High School – Mityana6.Rock High School- Bukedi7. Maluku Secondary School -Mbale.GROUP D:1.Light Secondary School – Teso2.Kakungulu Memorial School- Kampala3-Kisozi Seed Secondary School – Mpigi4.Lira Town College- Mango5.Kakungulu Memorial School – Kampala6.Jinja Progressive- Busoga7.UUUMO Progressive Secondary School – Bushenyi.GROUP E:1.Iganga Town View Secondary School- Busoga2.Sebei College School- Sebei3.Kibuli Secondary School- Kampala4.Buddo Secondary School- Wakiso5.Nakaseke International College- Luweero6.Amuria High School-Teso7.Ryakisinga CHE- Bushenyi.GROUP F:1.Mentor High School- Lango2.Kawempe Moslem Secondary School – Kampala3.ST.Marys Kitende- Wakiso4.Hill View College- Bulangira- Bukedi5.Hope Senior Secondary School – Mpigi6.ST.Gerald’s Nakibale- Kigezi7.ST.Edwards Bukuumi- Bunyoro.GROUP G:Hands Of Grace Secondary School- Mukono2.London College Nansana- Wakiso3.Old Kampala Secondary School Kampala4.Serere Secondary School Teso5.ST Joseph’s College – Layibi-6.High Standard Secondary School Katera- Luweero7.ST Marys Secondary School Simbya-Rwenzori8.Sironko Progressive – Mbale.GROUP H:1.Standard High School Zzana- Wakiso2.Kigezi High School – Kigezi3.Paidha Secondary School- West Nile4.Namagabi Secondary School – Mukono5.ST.Joseph Buyaga- Mbale6.Agape Secondary School – Busoga7.Biyaya Secondary School- West Nile.Comments last_img read more

first_imgWell, that did not go well.The Raiders’ 33-13 loss wasn’t as lopsided as the scoreline might indicate, but it was 100 percent a calamity for a Raiders team that was looking to stat off the second Jon Gruden era with some win and some serious momentum.Instead, the Raiders furthered some already pertinent questions and raised some questions along the way. Here’s what we learned in the Raiders’ Week One loss:1. Dink and dunk Derek is on the hot seat (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group) …last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Harold Watters, Ohio State University Extension agronomistCover crop dos and don’tsAs I sit here writing it is cold and wet. I have seen several planters out in the barn lot for a check-up but no one is seriously talking about planting yet. I do know that many are wondering when to terminate their cover crop, even though we haven’t had much growth yet. I like Austrian pea, it is easy — just apply your normal burndown of glyphosate, atrazine and favorite pre-emergent grass product for corn. I also like oats and will often use them in the fall to give me some cover after soybeans — they die on their own, but some folks will pasture them into December. I just started a multi-year cover crop research trial that includes crimson clover after wheat harvest. We will go to corn this year with cereal rye following, then to soybeans and after that back to wheat. We should be able to keep the ground covered most of the time.An info graphic (i.e. comic book) on Cover Crop Dos and Don’ts (CPN-4002 at https://cropprotectionnetwork.org/library/) comes from a new website of the Crop Protection Network. Their suggestions fit with my concerns too. So what are some of their dos and don’ts?Weed managementDo terminate cover crops before plantingDon’t use annual ryegrassDon’t reduce herbicide useDon’t rely on cover crops for universal weed suppressionInsect managementDo be committed to scoutingDon’t treat unnecessarilyDon’t plant immediately after killing a cover cropDo wait 10-14 days after a cover crop has diedDisease managementDon’t rely on cover crops solely to reduce diseasesDo use multiple management practicesFor a more complete look at cover crop termination choices see the Purdue Publication on Successful Cover Crop Termination with Herbicides bulletin, WS-50-W: www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/ws/ws-50-w.pdf. Fertilizer applicator certification – dos and don’tsDon’t neglect to record applications. As we head to the field, we are doing some catching up. Last fall made it a bit rough on applying fertilizer. Even though we may be rushed we need to remember the requirement to keep fertilizer application records. If you are a farmer, you will maintain the records for three years. If you are a dealer and apply the fertilizer, you maintain the records for three years and supply a copy of the record to the grower who purchased the nutrients.Do find a good place to get that needed weather record. I have been sharing this winter good places to go to get weather forecasts for files you need to add to your fertilizer application record. These work out great for planning timing of the application too.Ohio Applicator Forecast (ODA)https://www.agri.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/oda/divisions/plant-health/resources/ohio-applicator-forecastField Application Resource Monitor (F.A.R.M.) can give past (and present) forecastshttps://farm.bpcrc.osu.eduAlso this winter, I have been asked by several people if they need to record planter applied fertilizer. The law says that if you only apply planter fertilizer you do not need to be certified to apply fertilizer. But my feeling is that you should record all fertilizer applications you make, and that application should be in agreement with your nutrient management plan.last_img read more

first_imgMaterialsThe materials you can use to bounce light vary greatly — sometimes, the locations themselves determine what you can use: a ceiling, white muslin, foam insulation. Typically, when you’re using bounce sources, you’ll want to ensure that the bounce won’t affect the color quality of your light. For example, if you’re in a room with slightly yellow walls, once you bounce your light off of them, your lighting become slightly yellow, too.If you want to bring in your own bounce material for more color control, one of the best (and easiest) things you can use is white foam insulation from any home improvement store. This versatile material is easy to work with, and it can even help you bounce the sun to even out your lighting. This material has become a filmmaking staple, and you’ll find it on practically every professional set.Bounced lighting can really improve the look and feel of your work. It’s super easy to work with, and in many cases, it doesn’t cost you anything. Essentially, bounced lighting boils down to understanding that the larger the light source, the softer its spread.Looking for more info on lighting? Check out these articles.Production Tip: Why Reducing Light Is as Important as Adding ItWhat You Need to Know About High Key vs. Low Key LightingCinematography Tip: Lighting Your Production with the Inverse Square LawLearn How to Enhance Your Film with Ambient LightThree Ways To Light A Tent Scene On a Low Budget Bounce LightBouncing light is the process of redirecting a main light source onto a reflective or “bounce” surface, essentially taking your spotted and harsh light and turning it into an area light. You can bounce light off of anything from a white wall to a drop ceiling to a piece of white bead board. By bouncing your light onto a new material, this material becomes the larger light source — not the lighting fixture. Bounced light will usually be “larger,” creating a much softer throw and spread. Which makes it more pleasing to the eye.Limited SpaceBounced Light is perfect in small spaces that can’t accommodate a lot of equipment. Let’s say you’re shooting in a cramped office environment. You barely have enough room to set a light, let alone fly in a 4×4 frame of diffusion material. To combat this, you can easily bounce your lighting.By simply shooting your light into the ceiling or onto an adjacent white wall and using that as your light source, you fill the room with a beautiful, soft, and even bounced light. This is an incredibly simple process that can produce outstanding results. Even a simple bounced source can make the lighting on your subject far more cinematic. Bounced light can soften your lighting without the use of diffusion materials, flags, or extra stands. Take a look at how it’s done.Cover image via Komsil.Bouncing light is a fascinating-yet-simple concept that can instantly elevate your cinematography. In this article, we’ll take a look at how bouncing light can help improve your shoot in ways you haven’t even considered.last_img read more

first_imgAs Madhya Pradesh continues to reel under frequent and unscheduled power cuts, officials of the state electricity company are holding bats responsible for the woes, claiming that the flying mammals are causing faults in the supply lines, especially in the state capital. They say bats hanging on the power supply lines sometimes cause short circuits, which ultimately lead to outages. This claim has triggered a fresh round of blame game between the Kamal Nath-led Congress government and the opposition, BJP. The saffron party said instead of giving these excuses, the power utility and the state government should work in a responsible manner, while the ruling Congress said there was no crisis as MP is a power surplus state. State Energy Minister Priyavrat Singh, however, contended that overloaded power transformers and not bats could be the main reason behind the problem. Talking to PTI, the minister said, “In a review meeting of Bhopal district (held on June 14), an official of the power company had said that bats are creating faults in the supply lines along the lake (Upper Lake)…But I don’t think this is a major reason. I pulled up the official, who had said so.”“I told the official to repair the supply lines by insulating them. This work had already been carried out. I asked the officials to consider installation of ultrasonic devices, after due environment clearances, in the areas where bats are creating problems,” he added.Mr. Singh said there were several others reasons that might be behind the faults in supply lines.“At some places, a squirrel may create a problem. But the main reason of fault is overloaded power transformers. Maintenance of power supply lines was neglected for years. I asked the officials to carry out proper maintenance of the distribution lines,” he said. Spokesperson of Madhya Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Ltd, Manoj Dwivedi, said, “The faults in power supply lines in the vicinity of Upper Lake (in Bhopal) were reported due to bats. This largely happens due to short- circuits caused by bats hanging on the power supply lines.” The company carries out work of insulation in such cases, he said.“That area of Bhopal had bats earlier too, but power supply used to be uninterrupted. Instead of giving excuses, the power company as well as the government should work responsibly. Were the bats born only after the Congress came to power?” state BJP spokesman Rajnish Agrawal said. The Congress government had earlier said that poor quality of transformers purchased during the previous BJP dispensation was the reason behind the electricity issues. During the campaign for the Lok Sabha elections in April this year, Chief Minister Kamal Nath had alleged that there was a conspiracy behind the power cuts in the state. At that time, state Finance Minister Tarun Bhanot had also said that some officials of the power distribution company were working against the ruling Congress, resulting in power outages.“During the campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections, Nath, in order to hide his government’s failure, used to blame the BJP and certain officials for power cuts. But even after the polls, outages continued in every part of the state despite it being a power surplus state,” Mr. Agrawal said. He said that inept handling by the Congress government has created this crisis. However, the state Congress said that the BJP had run out of issues and was raising hue and cry over such “non-issues“.“Pre-monsoon maintenance is a routine process and it was happening during the BJP rule as well. The technical faults are being repaired. MP is a power surplus state and there is no crisis. Opposition is spreading lies,” state Congress spokesman Pankaj Chaturvedi said.“Due to factionalism within the BJP, the leaders of that party are trying to outdo each other and levelling false allegations,” he added.last_img read more