different colors have different effects on people’s psychology, which has been proved by many scientists. The use of color in the shop decoration, in the subconscious to guide customers to increase the possibility of their purchase, let us learn about the clothing store on the color decoration techniques.

for clothing store, color, lighting, lighting, etc., can change the visual effect, elements of color effect is color and wall color blending. Especially for women’s clothing store, the following are some of the shop’s color scheme: read more

Shop to do business to lose

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each person’s personality is different, for the loss will have their own views. Some people are preoccupied, do not eat a little loss. If it is to do business, such a character, I am afraid will lose more customers. It is said that the loss is a blessing, this sentence is actually the most common in our business. Shop business, the most important thing is popularity, what is the key to attract popularity. The following inventory a few losses win to bring popularity to the store.

free to provoke popular read more

PK money case recommended

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is now in the social life, is a classic case of start empty-handed entrepreneurship as a new era at the same time, meet the eye everywhere, entrepreneurs should also be timely attention that some entrepreneurs start empty-handed classic case, the only way to success.

1, copying other people’s projects to make money.

read more

people who want to start looking for a lucrative project, facing the infinite market, what is the most profitable, and the whole network Xiaobian look at what most rich business this year!


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Music helps business

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what factors will affect the customer’s purchasing behavior? I am afraid that any operator will be very concerned about the problem. A market researcher in the United States had an interesting experiment at the supermarket: how music affects the customer’s purchasing psychology.

The experimental results show that

customers often in conjunction with the music as the music tune, rhythm, beat per minute up to 108 when customers out of the store’s frequency is also accelerated, at this time, the store on average turnover of $12000; when the music rhythm is reduced to 60 beats per minute, customers to buy goods on the shelves will be a corresponding time the store can be extended, the average daily turnover increased to $16740, up 39.5%. read more

Spring Festival is not only a day of reunion, but also a good holiday for everyone to travel, then the Spring Festival travel is more popular? Hainan attracts a large number of tourists! Reporters learned from the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission, during the Spring Festival Golden Week, Hainan tourists 5 million 157 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 11.9%. Which received overnight tourists 2 million 93 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 14.7%, received a day tour tourists, an increase of 10.1%. The province’s total tourism revenue 12 billion 442 million yuan, an increase of 18.1%. read more

with the improvement of living standards, the catering industry is one of the first choice for business projects, but we also know that the big five star hotel, small roadside food stalls, food and beverage industry also is saturated, so if you want a foothold heel how to do?

A, when you find a good employee, tell him that you think he is a good employee.

thank and praise him often. If they feel respected, even if both of us know that I can’t pay for what they deserve, they’re still willing to work with me. read more

What are the names of the KTV

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is known to all, the name of a shop is very important to the development of the shop. However, if we can grasp the relevant points, the name can also be very simple. So what are the names of the KTV?

1, pay attention to pronunciation

The name

ktv to choose the kind of pronunciation without name, but it is best not to have homophonic ambiguity. In addition, you can consider internationalization, your name will not have a negative meaning in the foreign language pronunciation.

2, Lenovo’s magic read more

The cost of joining Ba porphyrin tea

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for tea, or investment funds many investors are on the interest of tea brand Ba porphyrin all investors are most interested in, then the tea Ba porphyrin investment about how much money? This tea to join it? YISHION is the Handmade Ba porphyrin tea tea, there are also a variety of desserts collocation, attract many consumers to buy in the market also have deep. So, what is the fee Ba porphyrin tea? Here is the latest detailed cost 2017.

tea cost:

Ba porphyrin


Ba porphyrin tea

1. technical support: read more

clothing market has been so hot, and the women’s market is not the same as men’s market, the competition pressure slightly smaller, so the men’s stores are generally located in what place? Now the business district is where several lots, around the situation is not too bad, but the same business district location is to be overweight, it will come to you one by


City Central Business District

this is mainly in the center of the city’s most prosperous areas, the city’s main street runs through the meantime, gathered many famous men’s franchise stores and a variety of professional stores, etc.. For the apparel industry, must be in crowded places, this is the best choice. read more

personalized furniture franchise operators how to improve the popularity of the store? Branding is one of the most important tasks for every business. But many novice are not very familiar with this, if you want to master more business skills, you need to learn a lot, Xiao Bian provides the relevant information, I hope you can refer to.

character Home Furnishing jewelry stores the accumulation of popularity, brand propagation is a long process, and these points to attention:

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as an experienced manager, he must be a person who knows how to tap the potential of others, rather than everything to be pro. Many new managers do not give full play to their potential, because they can not effectively delegate to subordinates, and they do not understand the significance of the assignment. Let’s look at a number of managers failed to effectively delegate the work of the five main reasons.

1. do not know how to develop others.

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for a shop, want to do a good job, need to pay attention to what? Many shopkeepers may only need to do is think of goods delivery. In fact, the service is the foundation of the retail store. Especially in the commodity sales peak, service tends to become our retail customers’ weakness". The Spring Festival is a rare gold sales season of the year.

then, we busy retail customers purchase, sellers, delivery, it is easy to overlook the service and can not directly benefit from the move. In fact, although the service can not directly create benefits, but its hidden intangible benefits are immeasurable, so that the more in the Spring Festival this sales peak, the more we have to do a good job of service. read more

joined the mature brand although it is guaranteed, but also to choose the development prospects of the industry and the project is profitable, in this small series featured a number of small entrepreneurs to join the project, for reference.

special snack

if you have good character city hard hard, with the hands of ten thousand yuan of funds, can be considered in the city downtown or the seat of township government to open a special snack, operating varieties in accordance with local people’s eating habits. For example, a spicy soup shop, shop, shop, shop, cake soup wonton shop, barbecue shop, silk shop in cereals, breakfast, dinner, lunch, with a characteristic, fast, affordable, flavor win, let diners spend two or three yuan will be able to eat eat. Shop rent, liquidity, the purchase of tables and chairs and tableware and kitchen utensils together, there are ten thousand yuan enough. read more

a local economy wants to get rapid development, can not be separated from the introduction of talent, in order to attract more talented people, Dazhou began a new initiative. In November 29th, Dazhou City, held at the Tsinghua University in 2016 the introduction of doctoral seminar, Dazhou’s bidding operations by Qinghua University and Beijing University, the National People’s Congress and other first-class university pH. blitz, more than 80 doctoral and postdoctoral enroll in lectures will be the venue of the seat, many people stood listening to lectures, there are people before the interview begins to resume hurried. After the meeting, 61 people take the initiative to participate in the interview, competition for 20 positions. read more

a few days before the stock market crash, many investors have the stock market risk, heave great sighs, it is better to start a business. Have money to do what is best? Open chain stores small risk, high income, it is worth choosing.

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Retail business can not be missed

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in the course of our business, some shopkeepers want to attract more customers, is always easy to do a lot of work in all aspects, even if a lot of effort, but there is no way to make the customer satisfied. In fact, the retail business, as the owner must understand the ins and outs of the mistake, if the relationship between the two, not only business problems, but also affect other aspects.

once I bought a dress from the internet. Seller is very generous, there are a lot of gifts, what belts, socks, scales, gloves, etc.. There are four, perhaps a lot of customers will be attracted, in addition to this, there is a single praise. It reads: "if there is praise, then back to cash 2 yuan. If there is a real map, immediately returned 5 yuan." This temptation is too much, but the clothes only a few dozen dollars, less than one hundred. read more

to buy a house is our life in the big things, for many ordinary people, then buy a house, he will almost become a slave. Henan real estate market how hot? Henan Provincial Bureau of Statistics latest data show that from 1 to August, the province’s real estate development investment of $352 billion 474 million, an increase of nominal growth of 22.5%. Among them, the residential investment 262 billion 880 million yuan, an increase of 24.8%, real estate investment accounted for 74.6%. Some experts pointed out that this year the rapid development of the province’s real estate market focused on performance in Zhengzhou, other provincial cities in the real estate market performance. read more

in the new era, a lot of entertainment began to come out, desktop games as a new game has begun to gradually by the people’s welcome. However, such business opportunities, although sounds good, but in the actual operation of the process, but there are still many problems. So, what are the problems of the desktop game business?

project overview

desktop game is a business to operate on the desktop to operate the game. At present the market on the most popular game products: magic, Puerto Rico, War Within Three Kingdoms and Da Vinci password. Its main service is the students, young white-collar workers. Desktop game in Shanghai has become a small amount of investment and investment as a popular street. read more

Open shop to make money

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now, bedding market demand is very hot, by the attention of many investors. Open bedding to make money? Bedding market prospects? This may be a lot of friends there are questions, today we will analyze the prospect of bedding join.

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