in order to further improve the cadres and workers to fire safety knowledge and safety awareness, implement the "prevention first, combining prevention with elimination of the fire prevention policy, August 24th, county radio and Television Bureau invited the Xining Zheng an fire propaganda center announcer for the global staff to carry out fire safety knowledge lecture.

guide with fire cases occurred in recent years, fire emergency and fire prevention, occurrence, development, out of the basic rules and characteristics, the basic knowledge of evacuation and fire fighting equipment the correct use method were explained in simple terms. And by enumerating a large number of examples and pictures, showing the lack of awareness of fire protection and fire safety knowledge. Datong County Radio and Television Bureau of cadres and workers also combined with their work and life in contact with the fire safety issues and the interaction and communication. The fire safety knowledge training, to further improve the Datong County Bureau of cadres and workers of the fire awareness and fire fighting skills, for Datong County Radio and Television Bureau of each career smoothly, to create a good environment for fire safety. read more

To promote Chinese traditional culture, so that the people share the fruits of cultural development, new year’s day, Spring Festival, Xining city and the county cultural department in conjunction with relevant departments to carefully organize rich and colorful cultural activities, so that the people benefit the masses cultural feast.

according to the Xining Municipal Cultural Committee Office, the new year and Spring Festival mass cultural activities in springtime in Xining · beautiful dream "as the theme, started from December 19, 2013, divided into" spring blessing "," Spring Festival "," spring "," warm chunzhiyun song "four plates. "Spring blessing" including "people, the star of the · a weekend" talent contest annual finals, elegant art theatre, the gaiety theatre, "people people cinema" excellent film screenings; "Spring Festival" including the first Xining folk culture tourism festival, excellent performance, large area fire four ice art garden and the Spring Festival the temple, the weekend special winter tour, the joy of Xining Shopping Festival, rural township interest delicacy Culture Tourism Festival, Linhaixueyuan · snow season, Huangzhong Kumbum Monastery suyouhua joy Cultural Tourism Festival, Dan Junggar folk cultural tourism festival activities; "spring warm" including "joy · culture go grassroots Huimin the show," Fu full of spirit · love in the summer "ten, hundred, thousand cultural show," Ji to grand · with spring; broadcast Lunar New Year special program ", "Happy family" xiaonianye warmth, "star studded new year Park" Huimin performances, "accent and song" concert performances, "· shared culture; Festival fun" riddle quiz, "spring spring exhibition cum Xining Huangshui" twenty-eighth session of the Academy of painting exhibition, "stars Spring Festival" Huimin performances such as square activity; "chunzhiyun song" including "Eastern culture", the second East National Concert of folk culture tourism, spring community fun games, "Spring Festival" community film screenings, 2014 "three to the countryside" activities, "grassroots & middot; mass cultural activities," Hui "Chinese dream blessing" West · people from all walks of life of all ethnic groups in the new year, "the world customs · taste" the public dance party, Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum collection exhibition, 3D magic art exhibition, "western" beauty taste buds The food festival, square dance contest, "(Guozhuang) spring tour," the chase "national unity happy village" activities, "Chinese dream · community beauty community theatrical festival and the third session of the community network show and small fireworks party, village culture" warm winter "activities," beautiful Huangzhong "photography Kumbum Monastery suyouhua heritage tour exhibition, exhibition and the third original ecological folk culture in Hehuang tour, Huangyuan County folk traditional sports show hundreds of mass cultural activities. read more

How to select sushi sushi

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each of the food and beverage items have their own brand leader, hot pot in the sea fishing, sushi, there are sushi. Natural delicacy unshakable status. If you invest in a sushi restaurant, it will be a good choice.

rotary sushi is a kind of new food culture mode, which is a perfect combination of Japanese traditional diet and modern mechanical technology. A variety of exquisite sushi in different price said plate, and then through the conveyor line like rotating in front of consumers, the ratio of sample model on the menu menu photos and store more vivid, not only to attract customers more attention, more comprehensive show features can make the customer sushi, impression of a variety of exquisite Sushi more profound. And the food can be taken directly in front of the eye, than the ordinary self inferior meal is more labor-saving and convenient, consumers can continue to get direct stimulation and continuous consumption. read more

2012 26-27 August 2014, Tsinghua University School of economics and management of medical management research center and the people’s daily, public opinion monitoring room in Beijing organized the 2012 China reform government support list conference, comprehensive department, General Hospital of PLA and No.1 Hospital of Peking University Research Office of the State Council on the 12 units of representatives spoke at the meeting, Datong Chinese topped the government support health care reform list. read more

April 9th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, during the Qingming small holiday period, the city received a total of 159 thousand and 500 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 15.58%, total tourism revenue of $59 million 160 thousand, an increase of 18.2%. Among them, the reception of overnight tourists 34 thousand and 100 passengers, an increase of 6.56%, received a day tour tourists, an increase of 18.3%.

The household budget survey data

NBS Survey Office in Qinghai the day before the release of the show, first half of the year, our province residents living consumption steady growth, the per capita living expenditure of the residents 6991.2 yuan, an increase of 9%. Per capita living expenses of urban residents 10217.2 yuan, an increase of 10.3%; per capita living expenses of rural residents spending $4130.3, an increase of 5%.

from eight kinds of life consumption structure, our province residents living consumption was seven liters a drop trend, tobacco and food, clothing, housing, daily necessities and services, education, culture and entertainment, health care and other goods and services increased by 8.9%, 6.5%, 16.2%, 12%, 21.8%, 1.6% and 19.3% respectively; communication consumption fell 1%. Among them, living consumption expenditure of urban residents "six or two", food alcohol and tobacco, clothing, housing, daily necessities and services, education and cultural entertainment and other goods and services increased by 8.6%, 7%, 18.1%, 20.3%, 29.1% and 41.4% respectively, transportation and communication and health care spending fell 3.4% and 3% residents living; consumption expenditure in rural areas "six or two", tobacco and food and clothing, housing, transportation, communication, education and entertainment and health care increased by 8.3%, 3.8%, 10.6%, 2.9%, 5% and 6.8%, supplies and services, other goods and services were decreased by 7.4% and 18.3%. read more

According to the 2010

earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation of administrative law enforcement inspection work arrangements, the establishment of a joint law enforcement inspection team in November 9th in the District People’s Congress, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, the District Construction Bureau, to carry out the construction project in the city area within the scope of the implementation of the "Xining city construction engineering seismic safety evaluation management measures" of the joint inspection of law enforcement.
the inspection examined a total of four construction projects under construction, construction engineering seismic fortification earthquake check issued by the Department for confirmation of approval procedures and the need for seismic safety evaluation of seismic safety evaluation of construction engineering report. Inspection found that the construction unit to carry out earthquake disaster prevention laws and regulations are uneven, key construction projects, schools are able to do in accordance with the relevant requirements of the construction project seismic fortification requirements confirmation and approval. Individual real estate developers, the construction of seismic safety evaluation work does not attach importance to the existence of the first construction, and even do not have to deal with the requirements of the relevant procedures for seismic fortification requirements. The inspection team of Xining city in Xining, Kim North real estate development limited liability company in accordance with the "earthquake disaster mitigation Act requirements" earnestly the anti-seismic requirements to give praise and affirmation, the behavior of Xining City Kaida industrial development limited liability company in Xining city cultural industry building project of the first building after the formalities the criticism, and decided to block Xining Real Estate Development Co., Mo Street project has not handled the anti-seismic formalities, shall be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
read more

Halogen flavor joined considerable profits

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In fact, the

will have to choose the strength to join the project, is a very wise choice. How to join halogen taste? Is a very wise choice. If you join the halogen early taste of the project, but a very exciting, then, hurry up!

join the development of food and beverage industry along with the entire process of joining the industry, is currently one of the most promising join the project. The development of food and beverage is to rely on how to rely on the advantages, to become the largest market in the current classification of the project? Food and beverage can successfully develop so far, can not be separated from its high profit margins and more attractive market environment. read more

The afternoon of April 7, 2011, a District Office held a working meeting east district railway protection zone

2011 in the afternoon of April 7th, a District Office held a working meeting east district railway protection zone. District Party committee deputy secretary Fan Tongbin, District Road office, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau of Xining Xining Railway Police Department police station yard, home town, Yun Linjiaya offices, the road team total of 20 people attended the meeting. read more

in October 26th, 276 students of grade five in Xining ancient city elementary school organized a social practice and moral experience for a period of three days.
activities aim is to let students out of the campus to the community, let the students experience a feeling of a successful experience, try a combination of innovation, make students actively and independently work, become a useful supplement to the students after school life.
  read more

Please tell me how to manage the park

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in order to strengthen the city park construction and management, according to China’s "city greening Ordinance" and the relevant laws and regulations, the Legislative Affairs Office of Xining municipal government combined with the actual formulation of "Xining city park management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), is now facing the agency will seek advice. The public can call 0971 – 8230099 of the legal office of the Xining municipal government also can call, by e-mail, put forward your opinions and suggestions. read more

In July, Hu Si Dong village of Huangyuan County Bo hang Township, a green "villa" uniform, unified unified gate, courtyard, road hardening, clean environment and facilities…… The old people in the square to chat, the sun, the children in the slapstick play, a piece of beautiful and harmonious scene, people deeply feel easy to help the poor relocation of the villagers to live a good life.

this year to the "13th Five-Year" period, the city of participatory poverty village, poverty through the implementation of 331 villages in the whole village, 65 villages to be relocated, industrial poverty, education and training, mutual fund loans, loan interest and other projects do arrangements for poverty alleviation fund using, accurate, precise measures to households accurate and precise results out of poverty. At present, the city has 31 thousand households, poor households filing riser 112 thousand.The

– effort in participatory dynamic monitoring. Establish and improve the poor population, poor households, poor villages dynamic monitoring system, the establishment of the poor population access mechanism, improve the accuracy of helping people.

– the effort in helping the village. And play a good role in the work of helping the village team, find out the bottleneck of the impoverished village base, identify impoverished village development, the development of the poverty village development planning, to help implement the project construction coordination, and poor village committee team together to lead the poor people out of poverty.

– effort in project financial supervision. Counties will be based on the actual needs of capital projects, the use of funds to develop programs and project implementation plan to improve the use of poverty alleviation funds targeted and effective.

– efforts in deepening social assistance on. Broaden the investment channels, the formation of a government led, market led, sector participation, social support, the diversification of poverty alleviation mechanism, deepen social assistance.

measures: the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation read more

of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to collect and integrate all types of funds 138 million yuan, to start the implementation of the township party school, library reading room, working room, dining room, network, garden greening, fitness facilities, toilets etc. rural grassroots political power "eight" project, at present, the implementation of half township. This year will ensure the completion of more than 80% villages and towns, and strive to achieve full coverage in 2017.

now, Huangnan grassroots cadres working and living conditions, the business environment has been improved, the Party cadres and the masses are more closely. This is my province to explore the implementation of township regime "eight project", "strong, pragmatic grasp" the vivid practice and wonderful microcosm. read more

December 6th, held in Xining City, Xining, 2012 county leaders and county cadres performance appraisal mobilization. Liu Fade, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Yang Baolin, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and he attended the meeting, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, vice president of the city of China, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.

I learned from the conference, the 2012 annual performance assessment for leadership team four county and municipal departments and units, as well as county and municipal departments of all cadres at county level (including county level cadres of non leadership positions), the examination time from the beginning of December 10, 2012, to the end of the year, the end of the assessment team assessment work. At the end of January 2013, the city completed the assessment office summary of the audit work, respectively at the beginning of February to the city assessment leading group, municipal Party Committee Standing Committee submitted the assessment results. read more

open a mother and child brand stores, small investment, entrepreneurship is a good choice to make money. Especially now the country has been fully relaxed two-child policy, open the mother brand shop is very profitable. So, the mother and child brand shop join process? Here is to introduce you to one of the


There are a lot of

Understand the requirements of read more

Dangdang shop needs to meet what conditions

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believe that many consumers are familiar with, many businesses have settled in the platform, to create wealth investment. If you want to use this platform to open a shop, then what needs to meet the requirements? Many businesses are not familiar with that look at it together.

step-1 application in check qualification information: business focus first on settled standards, confirm its conform to the requirements in the application submitted in accordance with the requirements of business: be sure to send to the category of business enterprise qualification for e-mail communication between the two sides: China Merchants responsible person received the information, will be the first time to contact you to confirm the investment intentions: responsible person will be required for communication with you on the terms of cooperation, both sides confirmed the intention of cooperation. read more

is in accordance with the law to protect migrant children have the right to receive education in the province, the province the number one responsibility, all were rejected the park entrance, the children of the floating population of migrant children placement alone discrimination cases of children left behind population flow, so that the majority of migrant children not only learn, and can good learning. According to statistics, the spring semester of 2013, the province has a total of 67724 migrant children nearest school, in which the children of migrant children in Xining nearest school has 32208, accounting for nearly half of the province’s floating population children. read more

face the provincial capital of motor vehicles caused by the rapid growth of traffic congestion problem, Xining take various measures to actively respond, but the traffic jam is still serious traffic jam. To this end, the NPC deputies to participate in the two sessions, the CPPCC members have to rule blocking weapon.

block method:

cancel urban expressway toll

in the eleven session of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the group of the fourth group discussion, Chen Yuansheng, a member of the proposal, was the presence of many members of the endorsement. Chen Yuansheng said, according to the current development situation of Xining City, after the cars of the year will enhance the speed faster than a year, the speed of city construction lags far behind the growth of car speed, the peak of the traffic has become homely food. Regardless of the decision-making or traffic participants, are in a variety of ways to block, as well as existing resources can be used to help ease traffic congestion. Chen Yuansheng’s proposal is to cancel the city expressway toll collection, so long distance travel vehicles to take the city road, try to avoid traffic congestion in urban areas, so as not to block on the plug". read more

8 on the morning of 29 May, the North City District Population and family planning bureau held an emergency meeting of the city to arrange the work of supervision arrangements. The inspection work focuses on three aspects: one is to control the "Xining city to meet the national civilized city civilization index survey and material audit manual", the contact point chip package (the newspaper the Yangtze River Road north of the bridge) and Beichuan East Road community to carry out national hands, clean homes, create civilization "volunteer service activities; two is in accordance with the" National Civilized City North District and the district units work of district level leadership contact point package film inspection method "documentation requirements, arrangements for personnel at the contact point chip package (the newspaper of Changjiang Road bridge to the North) and Beichuan region Hedong Road community field to carry out the traffic order, environmental health, cultural market a campaign to conduct a comprehensive inspection, implement the responsibility of supervision problems, enhance the quality of a city; the three is to organize cadres and workers to a city wide publicity The significance of the organization of the masses to participate in the creation of the city, on the package area dirty, chaotic, poor and health of the dead corner of a thorough clean-up remediation, all-weather cleaning, to ensure that the smooth passage of the national assessment of the assessment team acceptance. read more

Recently, the CPPCC National Committee, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, Qinghai provincial Revolutionary Committee Chairman Ma Zhiwei rate provincial CPPCC members and members of the part, by listening to the reports, field visits, research and promote high standards of basic farmland Huangshui watershed remediation project declaration.

Ma Zhiwei and his party listened to the Provincial Department of land and resources, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial water resources department, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, the provincial environmental protection department on the progress of the project report. In three days, a research group in Ping’an County, Haidong Prefecture, Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, inspected the light, heat, water, soil and mass production and life plan for implementation of the project area, the relevant departments and bureaus, and local government issues to promote this major project approved the construction of the projects as soon as possible. read more