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first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 30, 2020 Cash problems also ballast Barça. How he spent this summer with the case Neymar, the latest investments (From Jong, 86 million euros and Griezmann, 120 million euros) left Barça without liquidity despite resorting even to US investment funds to request loans. That has prevented the Rodrigo operation from crystallizing.Even if it worries you the least by seeing the latest decisions made, Barça is also worried about next season’s planning. And in it, Lautaro Martínez I played a leading role. There are voices among Barça technicians and executives who argue that if the decision is to sign Lautaro, it will be necessary to survive what remains of the season with what there is (Dembélé, Ansu, Messi and Griezmann) and put all the eggs in the front basket of the Inter, recover when Suárez recovers. Other voices, however, remember that, until he was injured, the Uruguayan had intervened in almost 42 percent of the goals made by the Barca team. That data makes them panic. The negotiations for Rodrigo are broken, Barça has panicked 40 hours after the closing of the transfer market. Seemingly impossible to transfer Lautaro Martínez, and with the operation of the front of the Valencia stop, The debate in the offices of the Camp Nou at this time focuses on the suitability of incorporating or not a signing of guarantees. The case Boateng He scored a lot for the technical secretariat, which brought a player from the Sassuolo to walk around the city and little else. A management failure that served to proclaim to the four winds that players would never be signed without guarantees and that, if they did not exist, would be thrown from the quarry. It was the initial plan this course when you bet on Carles Pérez. But the striker is heading to Rome and Barça still does not have a replacement for the boy from the subsidiary or Suárez. Offers multiply, but to Abidal He is afraid to make a Boateng.last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,The Bar Council of the Bar Association of Guyana notes with much concern the comments made by the Attorney General, the Hon Basil Williams, SC, MP, on May 18, 2018. The Attorney General, in referring to the conduct of litigation by lawyers in private practice for the State, is reported to have said that criminal action needs to be taken against lawyers conducting such litigation and that he “believes that [lawyers] need to start being charged now”.These statements of the Attorney General, in addition to ignoring the fact that it is the Director of Public Prosecutions, a constitutional office-holder, whose duty it is to determine when and under what circumstances persons should face criminal charges, may give the incorrect impression to the public that there is something wrong, sinister or unlawful with lawyers in private practice conducting litigation for the StateIn reality, lawyers at the private Bar have always conducted litigation for the State in Guyana and throughout the Commonwealth, and continue to do so today. This practice is entirely proper and is used where lawyers in private practice have such skills, experience or specialist knowledge of discrete areas of law to enable them properly and successfully conduct litigation on behalf of the State.Writing in 1973, Dr Mohammed Shahabudeen, then Attorney General, noted the practice in his book “The Legal System of Guyana” as follows:In 1921 the Governor made it clear that King’s Counsel were expected to undertake prosecutions for the Crown at a nominal fee so as to free the Attorney General for more important advisory work. … Senior Counsel are probably still conscious of a special obligation to accept a brief from the state, but it is rather unlikely that they consider that they have to do it at cut rates.The fact that the Attorney General has himself retained counsel in private practice from outside of Guyana to conduct litigation indicates that the practice of the State retaining lawyers in private practice to conduct litigation is both well established and continues today.This was done by the Attorney General in relatively recently conducted matters such as SM Jaleel & Co Ltd and Guyana Beverages Inc v The Co-operative Republic of Guyana, Zulfikar Mustapha v Attorney General, and The Attorney General of Guyana v Cedric Richardson.It is clear, therefore, that lawyers who conduct litigation for the State commit no criminal conduct whatsoever by the fact of their conducting that litigation. It is also clear that it is neither improper nor unusual for lawyers in private practice to conduct litigation for the State.The Bar Council, therefore, views the comments made by the Attorney General as an entirely unwarranted attack on the professionalism and the independence of the members of legal profession, unbecoming of a member of the Inner Bar.It urges the Attorney General to strengthen methods of record keeping at the Attorney General’s Chambers, if there are difficulties in that regard, and to resolve issues concerning the conduct of litigation with those lawyers appearing for the State privately, with circumspection, and in a manner becoming of the standards of the profession.Such a course of action will avoid bringing the legal profession in Guyana into disrepute, which is entirely undesirable from an office-holder who has traditionally been recognised in the Commonwealth with the unofficial and honorific title of Leader of the Bar.Sincerely,Guyana BarAssociationlast_img read more

first_imgMr. Editor,After carefully reading Christiana Tah’s resignation letter, I could not resist adding my 2 cents to the discussion. It is clear that the legally-minded Madam was economical with the truth, especially after six years at the head of the Justice Ministry. Like many flunkies, Chris Tah wants us to believe her “righteousness indignation” that she was a supreme legal mind, making changes in Liberia’s judicial landscape. This is far from reality. Exhibiting an inflated sense of self-importance, she displayed a deep-seated arrogance towards her boss and to use her word loosely “collegiality” of executive peers.When did she realize that she presided over the “rhetoric of the rule of law?” can she spell rule of law? It is evident that Madam Tah did not understand her terms of reference and duties as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General. It is only in her twisted mind that she believes the National Security Agency (Liberia’s intelligence service) is subject to her authority and should be investigated by her. One senior security expert familiar with the Liberian security sector shared with me that from the days of Patrick Minikon to date, the NSA has been answerable only to the President of the Republic of Liberia, coupled with legislative oversight.My Justice Ministry contact described the recent complains of the former Justice Minister of not investigating the NSA as dishonest and manipulative. My contact said specific allegations were made against agents of the NSA and not its Director Fombah Sirleaf. Contact said the NSA had turned over all pieces of evidence to the former Justice Minister, who appeared not satisfied with the cooperation but in vindictive spirit wanted to damage the reputation of the Agency and its Director. My contact noted that NSA was cooperating fully with the Jallah Commission.The fact is Madam Tah had so many other cases to investigate and prosecute. What stopped her for the last six years from going after these cases? What did she do to correct the perennial accusation against the police force as seen in the Amnesty International, Transparency International and Human Rights reports? What legal brief did she provide the President in exercising the constitutional duties under the Public Health Laws to fight Ebola? She fell flat on her face, because she chose to misinterpret our laws, collaborate with felonious attorneys-at-law to frustrate cases form the LACC and harass professional security experts, who dare provide a counter argument to her disingenuous views of our civil and criminal laws.What is the Justice Ministry doing with an intelligence budget, when their role is supervisory and certainly not operational? Has she accounted to the National Legislature on how those monies were spent and the effect on Mother Liberia? The Ministry is a big department that had some many moving parts that needed to be upgraded and fully functional.What did she do about building the competence and capacities of the Justice Ministry? Sorry the “coming out of war” excuse will not hold water.As Dean of the Supreme Court, humility is an expected quality of all those who hold that authority. It is with good sense that the Bench gave Chris Tah the legal spanking that was long overdue. One wonders what she scored in jurisprudence as a law student. She lost more cases at the Supreme Court than any other Justice Minister recent history. In fact, no one can recall seeing Christiana Tah ever pleading at any court in Liberia. She misbehaved and refused to do the honorable thing-resign. Her greed was too overpowering.Liberia has seen Opinions of Attorney-Generals from Louis Arthur Grimes to James A. A. Pierre, providing the width and breath of legal thinking during different administrations. One wonders what Christiana Tah’s opinion, if any, would read like? What did she counsel on the Chronicle case, human trafficking case, Nov. 7th, 2011 shooting, ect?Fellow Liberians, the latter-day resignation is the handiwork of an ungrateful egotist, driven by the octopus of arrogance, greed, deceit, disingenuity, mischief, unprofessionalism, manipulation and over-weaning pride. We breathe a heavy sigh of relief with the exit of Christiana Tah from Government and hope she does not surface any time soon in any national leadership role as her stint is poor example of public service.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgFort St. John Staff Sergeant Ward Johnson is encouraging the City to look at budgeting for more RCMP members.The current edition of the 2009 Operating Budget does not allow for any new RCMP members. The RCMP will still see new members join the force this year, but that is from the 2008 budget. In many cases it can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months before a requested recruit is available in any given community.A 2006 Human Resources Needs Analysis stated that the RCMP need approximately 40 regular members to provide sufficient service levels in the community. Currently the RCMP has 32 regular members and that number has increased only by 7 since 1981.- Advertisement -Staff Sergeant Ward Johnson says there is away for the detachment to get more regular members without increasing the Operational Budget. Currently the RCMP runs a vacancy rate where members are not paid for by the city while they are on maternity/paternity leave or injured. This free’s up money in the RCMP’s budget that is normally returned to the city at the end of the year.The problem with using that money is it doesn’t provide a permanent solution as once those members return to regular duty, that money is no longer available.Council will now look at the idea of adding more members, but that could change the Operational Budget. The idea will be discussed further at the next council meeting scheduled for Monday.Advertisementlast_img read more

first_img“It takes a little more to make a champion.” “If you aren’t one of us, you wouldn’t understand.” Exactly. Wrestling is an exclusive club. You need to know the secret handshake. Aren’t there any slacker wrestlers? What about a T-shirt emblazoned with “When the going gets tough, we bail.” Nah, probably wouldn’t fly. We do appreciate the dedication and fervor, as exhibited by 17-year-olds with V-shaped torsos which appear to have been chiseled out of stone. Some of the kids have their cosmetologists working overtime. There were wrestlers with blue hair, black and gold hair, polka dot hair and mohawks. There was even a coach with a bright blue mane, which matched his wrestler’s hairstyle. Now if you’re 45 years old, it’s OK to be on board with your wrestler, in his corner all the way. But don’t be that 45-year-old guy who wakes up on Saturday morning and dyes your hair bright blue. Remember, it’s not a Sex Pistols’ concert and you probably had to go to work today. Probably. Now let’s get Grill-ing: Cajon’s Andrew Vildosola got a bad break Saturday at La Quinta, bumping heads with his opponent at 112 pounds in the third-place match and badly cutting his forehead. Enter Arroyo Valley assistant coach Oscar Briseno, who pulled some athletic tape out of his gym bag and wrapped Briseno like a mummy. Vildosola made it through the final six seconds and got the win. Not sure how it felt when he pulled the tape off his hair. … The CIF-Masters Meet, the qualifying event for state, is Friday and Saturday at Carter. Local fans will discover first-hand why wrestling insiders call it “The Meatgrinder.” … You know the NBA All-Star Game isn’t real serious when Shaq is playing point guard, dribbling between his legs to mock Kobe Byrant and firing up 20 footers (and missing badly). … You also know it’s not real serious when Gilbert Arenas joins a line of flying, dunking Elvises and slams one down. That’s something that should stay in Vegas. … Barry Bonds was among the celebs who attended the NBA All-Star Game. Barry wasn’t a bad hoopster back at San Mateo Serra High School. But he’s probably not too agile these days. … The departure of Norv Turner should hurt the 49ers, who will now be on their third offensive coordinator in three years. Not good for QB Alex Smith. … We’ll see if Turner can make bride material out of the Chargers, or if they’re still trying to catch the bouquet at season’s end. … Norco grad and two-sport Stanford athlete Toby Gerhart fractured a bone in his right forearm Saturday after getting hit by a pitch against Texas, said a Stanford University release. Gerhart was hitting .272 as a starting outfielder for the Cardinal. … Scott Blakey has retired as the Arrowhead Christian boys’ basketball coach. Blakey coached for 20 years, six years at Santa Barbara High School (girls), seven at ACA (girls) and seven more with the ACA boys. So good luck to Blakey, as well as La Sierra football coach Mike Churchill, who is leaving to take the athletic director job at Laguna Beach. Churchill coached locally at Redlands and Carter and won two section championships at Riverside Poly. … Now that we’ve had two weeks to think about it, none of the Super Bowl ads rivaled the best of Geico Insurance. We love when that caveman says “OK, first of all, I’m not 100 percent in love with your tone right now.” … We’d like to keep writing, but we need to sweep out the bar and check the beer taps. The best never rests. John Murphy serves up cold ones, tasty tidbits and occasional quips every Tuesday at the Shortstop Grill. Contact him at (909) 386-3853 or 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The Grill proprietor shut down shop on Saturday afternoon, heading for La Quinta and the CIF wrestling finals. We’re always amused by wrestling T-shirts. They usually feature clever slogans which have a touch of self-righteousness to them. Some we saw Saturday: center_img “A body never drowned in a pool of sweat.” “The best never rests.” last_img read more

first_imgNew Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has shown once again he isn’t afraid of making a bold choice after he made Tom Cleverley captain for their friendly with Roma.The man with the biggest balls in football – as some ex-Bayern Munich players will attest to – gave the armband to the 24-year-old for their game with the Italian side in Denver, even though he was sharing a pitch with Wayne Rooney.It’s fair to say fans around the globe were shocked by the decision and many took to Twitter to share their astonishment.Scroll down to see some of the best reactions… Tom Cleverley captained Man United against Roma 1last_img read more

first_imgWhat a hectic yet successful weekend for Finn Valley indeed Donegal athletes . Venues Mannheim, Cork, Santry and finally Tullamore with an extension to Monday as 5 Donegal athletes are named to world junior championship team in Barcelona next month Neil martin as manager and Bernie Alcorn team coach amongst the squad Dempsey Mc Guigan who completed 2 competitions over the days Mannheim saturday and the Co Offaly fixture the national juniors Sunday a 68.03m effort for silver against Dunboyne s Mc Cabe 68.62m . Sarah Collins included a double winner Sunday 1500m in a time of 4.42.28 with Laois athlete Mary Mulcare second and just marginally over an hour later took the 5k with ease on 17.18.53 her event in Spain 3k .We extent heartiest congrats and best wishes to Sarah and Dempsey come Barcelona  as a bonus competing in the Olympic Stadium the scene of the 1992 Games .The national junior champs. under 20 ( Junior ) and under 23 the challenge in the Irish Midlands early in the day a return to athletics activity for Ciaran Dolan now a student at Sheffield Univ . had been working on the Valley long jump run up through the week and it came together perfectly at 6.76m on round 5 he had a longer effort marginally over the board so all looks good in the period ahead when a serious winter is undertaken a gold medal national champion under 23 on this particular outing  . Welcome back . John Kelly was on a busy schedule through the 2 days as on Saturday in Santry at Tailteann Games an interprovincial meeting a selection meet for Irish schools team the Royal ,Raphoe pupil pencilled in his name for shot a winner at 16 plus .and javelin at just under 50m inches from a winning throw .He gets to do it all again in Schools international .On the road to national juniors have a go set a marker for the years ahead and this he did remember he has 3 years left in the cycle of a junior athlete .A silver medal in shot only overhauled on round 6 by a 14.98 putt against Johns long time lead of 14.85 . In the javelin a most respectable consistent series his best 49.78m in round 3 . Jade Leeper was out of luck in Santry just missing out in discus/shot but this Ballinamore V S student will bounce back older and better for the experioence . Mark hoy has maintained a training regime in recent months that has brought him to Olympic Stadium ,London for British universities and he pushed to a silver performance on this day 1-58.01 against Waterford athlete Ryan on 1.57.59 . It can get better consistency and ongoing adherence to the trainig the key. Another young man enjoying his running right now James Speight 3rd in steeple on 9.53.21 he is of course a former Irish schools senior champion in this event . The day ended with teams in 4 x 4 relaythe under 23 quartet of Paddy Bogues ,James Speight,Mark Hoy and St Johnstone man Dean Toland taking gold and the junior lads led out by Shaun woods who earlier had returned 50.36 4th team . Juniors mark bonner ,Patrick hynes foy and Ryan Porter had a shot at the 1500m to no avail .A long journey to Cork beckoned for our young brigade for National Childrens games and the enthusiam and excitement really was evident as they assembled prior to departure . Success as anticipated for 11 age group team of Lauren callaghan,Dromore n s ;and Jessics Quigley St Marys stranorlar in 60m a combined time of 19.02 way ahead of Ferrybank 19.26 and Carlow also 19.26 Jessica timed at 9-37 an exceptional run and Lauren 9.65 they then were on a relay squad which included Aine Wilkinson and Daniella Jansen plus Caitlin Mc gonagle fastest time in the heats but a slight hitch in final but silver medals their reward . Daniella Jansen had a resounding 600m 1.57.19 the 2nd fastest in 600m and combined with the aforementioned Jessica to collect bronze in the Ball throw . A great experience for all the group and now a well earned rest after a very rewarding few weeks in schools Ulster and national compertition . A bit shout out to the coachs and parents who travelled hopefully Finn Valley will stage this meeting at home in 2013 . An application has been made .Later this week in Helsinki Tori Pena competes in the European pole vault championship and best wishes are with her.  ATHLETICS: FINN VALLEY AC NEWS was last modified: June 26th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ATHLETICS: FINN VALLEY AC NEWSlast_img read more

first_imgCOMMUNITIES in Milford, Ramelton, Rathmullan, Fanad and the surrounding areas are being warned that criminal gangs with a record for burglaries are in the area today.It’s understood Gardai have stepped up patrols in these areas as a result of reported suspicious activity this morning.Several men in two white vans who have been suspected of previous robberies have been spotted in the area. The men are likely to approach home owners with excuses about why they are in the area, may pretend to be seeking directions or ask to use toilets.Communities are urged to check on relatives and elderly neighbours.The men should not be approached.The Milford Garda station can be contacted on 074 91 53114.  COMMUNITY ALERT UPDATE: AREA OF CONCERN WIDENED was last modified: September 10th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:community alert warningFanadMilfordRameltonRathmullanlast_img read more

first_imgThere was a saying on the mean sandlots of suburbia when I was a kid. “Heads I win, tails you lose.”You’d hear it invariably when the coin was flipped to determine who would receive the opening kickoff in a neighborhood game of football.I bring it up because Eric Reid, erstwhile 49er, current Carolina Panther and staunch advocate of social justice put himself in a no-win situation Sunday when he got into a hissing match with Philadelphia’s Malcolm Jenkins during, of all things, the pregame …last_img read more

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… jolie odell Related Posts Tags:#start#startups center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Recruiting and applicant-tracking SaaS startup Jobvite has secured $8.25 million in series B funding.The round was led by ATA Ventures, a new investor. CMEA Capital, who led Jobvite’s Series A financing, also participated in this round. Jobvite also appointed Hatch Graham, ATA’s managing director, to its board of directors. Jobvite secured $7.2 million in Series A funding in 2007 from CMEA, bringing its total funding to date to $15.45 million.Jobvite’s platform allows recruiters at companies such as Yelp, Digg, Mozilla, Zappos, and TiVo to target potential new hires through their existing social networks. The company also states that their customer base has tripled over the past 12 months.“We’ve liked the way Jobvite has brought the benefits of SaaS and social networking together to solve real problems for its customers,” said Jim Watson, managing general partner at CMEA Capital. “The management team has proven it has the ability to both innovate and execute. That’s why we’re increasing our investment.”“I’m impressed by Jobvite’s vision for the future of the rapidly transforming, multi-billion dollar recruiting sector,” said Graham. “Now is the perfect time for expansion.”Jobvite will use this round of funding to accelerate product development and meet growing customer demand.last_img read more