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first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today Sri Lanka Commissions New Patrol Boats View post tag: Naval View post tag: Boats July 9, 2014 SLNS Mihikatha and SLNS Rathnadeepa, two patrol boats gifted by Australia, joined the SLN Fleet on 29th March and 3rd June 2014 respectively and were assigned the pennant numbers P350 and P351.Both are Bay Class patrol boats, which had served the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service under the names “Corio Bay” and “Hervey Bay” respectively before being gifted to Sri Lanka. Each is 38.2 meters long and has a 2.4 meter draft. With a maximum speed of 24 knots, the boat can cover a range of 3,000 nautical miles.The fully furbished boats will substantially augment the SLN’s capacity as they are able to cover a large area of the Indian Ocean and serve Sri Lanka’s Search and Rescue Area more effectively.[mappress]Press Release, July 09, 2014; Image: Sri Lanka Navy View post tag: asia Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa commissioned SLNS Mihikatha and SLNS Rathnadeepa at the Port of Colombo on 9th July 2014. View post tag: Navy View post tag: commissionscenter_img View post tag: Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Commissions New Patrol Boats View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Patrol Authorities View post tag: New Share this articlelast_img read more

first_imgFollowing a three-week period in which case numbers increased almost linearly (with about 200 new cases among students and staff per week), last week marked the first drop in the number of new cases reported. The numbers this week closely mirrored last week, indicating a substantial drop in the number of new cases per week. However, the number of tests conducted per week has fallen by about 50% since the week starting on October 17th and the high positivity rate of tests could be evidence for a significant number of unreported cases. This week, the University released a detailed breakdown of the past eight weeks for the first time. Daily numbers of positive tests are given and the data is split into results for students and University staff. The positive cases among students for the vast majority of positive tests, with a total of only 35 staff members having tested positive so far. The total number of positive cases within the University as of November 13th is 980. The University’s Status and Response website also states that the figures released do not include positive test results received outside of the University testing service. It notes further that “due to the time interval between a test being done and the result becoming available, it is expected that there will be a mismatch between actual results and those confirmed to us on any given day”. The University has implemented a four-stage emergency response, depending on how wide the spread of Covid-19 is. The current status is Stage 2, which allows the University to operate “in line with social distancing restrictions with as full a student cohort as possible on site”, with teaching and assessment taking place “with the optimum combination of in-person teaching and online learning”. A Stage 3 response would imply “no public access to the University or College buildings” and “gatherings for staff and students only permitted where essential for teaching and assessment to take place”. Oxford University’s testing service has confirmed 126 cases of COVID-19 among students and staff for the week 7th-13th November, with a positivity rate of 30%. This marks a slight drop in the number of new cases compared to last week’s 146, as well as in the test positivity rate compared to last week’s 34%. Current University guidance is that students and staff should not get tested unless they have been asked to or they display symptoms of COVID-19. The University’s white paper states that “one of the challenges the University faces is staff and students with no COVID-19 symptoms asking for tests unnecessarily”. The University of Cambridge, whose collegiate system mirrors that of Oxford, have set up a testing pod in the city for symptomatic cases, but have recently announced they will test all asymptomatic students in colleges. Image credit: Oxford University Status and Response website ( read more

first_img ×The Hudson Bergen Light Rail, making its way through downtown Jersey City after leaving Hoboken (file photo). On Monday afternoon, June 18, a bicyclist was hit by a train at the Second Street station in Hoboken. HOBOKEN – A male bicyclist was struck by a southbound car of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail on Monday afternoon at the Paterson Avenue crossing near the Second Street station.Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante tweeted at 1:50 p.m. that the cyclist was alive and that NJ Transit Police were handling the incident with assistance from city police. A spokesperson for NJ Transit said the cyclist suffered minor scrapes and bruises and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.There was also a crash at Observer Highway and Washington Street between a vehicle and a Hoboken police detective car responding to the light rail scene. According to Chief Ferrante, an officer and driver from the other vehicle were both transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.One light rail track remained open after the incident but traffic was rerouted around the intersection, where traffic crosses the light rail tracks from several directions including Paterson Plan Road, Paterson Avenue, and Marshall Street. The Hudson Bergen Light Rail, making its way through downtown Jersey City after leaving Hoboken (file photo). On Monday afternoon, June 18, a bicyclist was hit by a train at the Second Street station in Hoboken.last_img read more

first_imgPhacoemulsification cataract surgery is one of the most frequently performed eye surgeries in the United States, with 1.5 million procedures undertaken each year. It is also one of the most complex procedures to learn. A new, highly innovative, computer-based simulation tool, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (Mass. Eye and Ear) Cataract Master, bridges the learning gap that residents and ophthalmologists new to phaco must navigate prior to performing actual surgery.Nearly a decade in the making, the Cataract Master was co-developed by Harvard Medical School’s (HMS) Bonnie An Henderson, assistant clinical professor of ophthalmology; John I. Loewenstein, ophthalmology residency training program director and an associate professor of ophthalmology; Adam Neaman; and several colleagues. Massachusetts Eye and Ear is a Harvard affiliate.Ophthalmology residents typically train in wet labs and on phacoemulsification simulators that supplement motor skills training before moving on to live patients. The leap from lab to patient is challenging for surgeons-in-training, even with the most careful oversight by attending physicians.“The Cataract Master aims to minimize clinical risk while providing residents and practicing ophthalmologists with the most authentic cataract surgical experience possible outside the OR,” Loewenstein said. “The goal is to boost skills and confidence, to better prepare residents for the surgical experience, and to raise the quality of patient care everywhere.”Computer-based simulation technology has been used in medical training since the early 2000s, but these tools often did not take into account the hundreds of decision-making requirements that arise during surgery. The Cataract Master is different in that it offers a self-guided, self-correcting curriculum that requires trainees to make decisions based on realistic surgical situations. The simulator, which can be accessed from any personal computer, contains true-to-life animations along with videos of actual surgeries — complete with expert discussions of each phase of the procedure. The interactive program includes frequent pop-up questions relating to the various surgical steps, with user answers then animated on-screen. If the user makes a serious error, videos provide immediate feedback explaining how the problem occurred, what to do to fix it, and how to avoid making the same mistake again.“This essentially allows new phaco surgeons to learn from their mistakes and to master lifelike surgery without risking injury to a patient,” said Henderson. “This type of immersion learning is simply not possible any other way, and [it] provides an excellent transition to the operating room.”The Cataract Master, which is owned by Mass. Eye and Ear, is licensed to the not-for-profit American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.Funding for the development of this teaching tool was provided by the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Norman Knight, the U.S. Army, and the Harvard Medical School Department of Ophthalmology.last_img read more

first_imgThe Leprechaun Legion announced Wednesday they have changed the football seating policy for next season, sparking a wide range of strong feelings from the student body. In an email to the student body, the Legion said football tickets will continue to be sorted by class, but they will be first-come first-serve within each class section. “We believe that this system will allow the most passionate fans to sit closest to the field, giving our team a louder, more intimidating home-field advantage,” the email stated. Many students, including junior Jack Gardner, expressed displeasure with the changes. Gardner began a petition on Facebook citing problems with the new method, including a sense of animosity and safety issues. “Confrontation is inevitable as students line up hours before games, attempt to reserve spots in line, “cut” one another in line, argue about proper order, etc.,” Gardner said in the petition. Gardner wrote that large numbers of students cramming onto the front bleachers would create a safety hazard and could also potentially damage the stadium. Freshman Jenn Jaeger agreed with the petition and Gardner’s proposal of returning to the traditional method of assigning seats to students. “I am also worried about sitting with my groups of friends since space will be hard to come by,” she said. Sophomore Michael Junkins said the new policy gives football games an even more unorganized and chaotic atmosphere than they already had. “It is complicating something very simple,” he said. Sophomore Meredith Vieira proposed an alternative solution. “Other schools have a system to give the most passionate fans the best seats based on attendance to other sport events,” she said. “This allows everyone to enjoy other game-day activities.” Sophomore Wyatt Smith cited the high cost of a season ticket booklet and said he felt reassured knowing he had an assigned seat that was his and no one else’s. “We are already paying a lot of money for these football tickets,” Smith said. “However, now you lose that sense of security, knowing that you had a unique seat.” While they are in the minority, some students agree with the new seating policy. Freshman Donald Dye said the method will actually produce a less chaotic environment, since many students did not follow the assigned seating policy anyway. “For those who really care about the game, they would end up in the front and away from those who are intoxicated,” he said. “Those who decide to tailgate will be forced to sit in the back, allowing those in the front to have a more enjoyable time.” Sophomore Keali Bjork said she understands why people are unhappy with the new policy and acknowledges there are potential problems, but she remains in favor of the change. “I go to the games for the social aspect, so it really does not matter where I sit, and people get to sit next to unfamiliar people every time and you can potentially meet a lot more people that way,” she said. “Die-hard fans will be able to get good seating no matter what.” In response to the argument that people will fight for undesignated seats, senior Tom Oliver said it will not change much within the student section. “People still argue even when there is assigned seating,” he said. Oliver said he has experienced female students arriving to the game during the third quarter and asking for their seats back, which frustrates him. After Gardner sent his petition and its signatures to the Legion and the Ticketing Office, he said he received responses from both organizations that indicate only a small chance of a policy reversal. “I do not think the policy is going to be changed,” he said. “Hopefully, the new system works out and we all have a blast next year, as usual, but if not, I hope the Legion, Ticketing Office and anyone else with influence over the student section make the decision to return to group seating for future [Notre Dame] classes.”last_img read more

first_img Off Season Camping at Virginia State Parks  Caledon State Park too provides big adventure close to home. The park is renowned for its bald eagle habitat and is one of the best places in the country to watch the birds. Six primitive sites along the Potomac are accessible by a 3-mile hike from the parking area near the visitor center or by boat at the canoe landing.   Sky Meadows at the foothills of the Appalachian Trail and the crest of the Blue Ridge provides an ideal setting for beginner backpackers and those looking for a quick escape.  Walk-in backpackers can fill out registration tags and hit the trail just beyond the parking area immediately adjacent to the contact station. A 1-mile hike up hill is all that separates you from backcountry bliss at this point. Just a short trot from the AT, overnight trips can easily turn into multi-day adventures from here. Belle Isle State Park is also near the top of the list.  At the edge of Brewer’s Point, tucked just behind the pines on the shore of the Rappahannock River are four designated primitive sites perfect for year-round adventuring. It’s roughly a 1.5-mile hike in from the nearest parking area, but Belle Isle offers nearly 10 miles of trails for you to explore. Wander the park all day and then head to your camp before sunset for dinner and a show—The Rapp. is about 3.5 miles wide west from your camp toward the sunset. •   Douthat    •   Shenandoah River If you can’t leave the RV just yet, or if a tent isn’t in the cards for you—fear not. Virginia State Parks offer four year-round, full service campgrounds.  For more information and to find a camp to call home, visit Reservations are accepted for many of our primitive sites through Reserve America. Reservations can also be made by calling 800-933-PARK (7275).   Park at the designated overnight area at Little Island City Park and take Sandpiper Road about a mile to the gated beach access trail. From here, it’s another 5-7 miles of wide open Atlantic beach to your campsite. Twenty-six sites across four distinct campgrounds provide a truly unique experience. Beachfront sites offer incredible sunrises and ocean side views, but beware the tides and biting flies. You’ll need to know how to anchor your shelter in the sand and have to manage with the coastal winds, but during fair weather and favorable tides, these sites are hard to beat. Back into the dunes, campsites are nestled under the sprawling low-growth live oaks—a hammock campers dream—and have enough ground space for a tent and the provided picnic table. These are coupled to a corresponding beach site in the event of extreme high tides and guarantee you’ll have a place to sleep. Bayside sites are situated along the Back Bay and provide easy access to a dock/kayak launch. These sites are more open and give you a front row view of the best sunset in Virginia. Lastly, the newly installed interior sites are located nearer to the visitor center in the pristine maritime forest with soft, pine covered sandy soil. center_img James River State Park’s Canoe Landing camp ground is a riverside gem. Thirteen tent-only sites surrounded by huge sycamores dot the James River. The Canoe Landing sites are right next to the boat launch and fit nicely in a multi-day James River float trip, but for those driving, parking is close enough for you to tote in your cooler to camp. Each site comes with a fire ring and picnic table, but no tent pads are provided. This is a nice place to learn to rough it while still being within eye sight of your transportation and whatever additional supplies you might need. Backpacking Season Doesn’t Have to End •   Pocahontas  False Cape State Park is one of the most—if not the most remote place in the state. Insulated from the hustle of Virginia Beach and Sandbridge to the north, False Cape sits on the VA/NC boarder behind the vast stretches of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. April-October, the park is accessible through the refuge via the bayside trails. From November-February, however, the refuge is closed to visitors and the park is accessible only via the Terra Gator shuttle service or by human-powered transport. Sky Meadows, Caledon, and Belle Isle’s primitive sites are all accessible by bike, but for those looking for a really out of this world experience, we recommend pedaling your way down to False Cape. Fewer people provide more solitude, bare trees reveal new landscapes and colder temperatures bring new sensations to your favorite adventure locations. Personally, we’re in it for lack of bugs, but there’s no one right reason to get out this winter and spend some time in nature.  Looking for something more adventurous? How About Bikepacking? •   Hungry Mother last_img read more

first_img2G Robotics and Sonardyne International, UK, have entered into a formal collaboration agreement. The two organisations are working together on the development and promotion of a dynamic underwater laser mapping solution which reduces the time needed to survey seafloor sites and offshore structures.The new agreement centres on the integration of Sonardyne’s acoustically-aided inertial navigation system for underwater vehicles, Sprint-Mapper, with 2G Robotics’ ULS-500 Pro dynamic underwater laser scanner.The new technique uses the 2G Robotics ULS-500 Pro laser scanner fitted to an underwater vehicle to capture high density point clouds of subsea assets and environments.As the vehicle moves around the site, the Sprint-Mapper hardware, also fitted to the vehicle, simultaneously collects raw acoustic and inertial navigation data.On completion of the survey, the raw navigational data is post-processed and merged with the laser data to produce a geo-referenced 3D point cloud from which centimetric level or better engineering measurements can be taken.Edward Moller, global business manager for Construction Survey at Sonardyne said, “The level of detail visible in the post-processed images we’ve gathered on projects in recent months, has to be seen to be believed; small bolt-holes, individual chain links, marine growth and even painted markings can all be clearly seen. In terms of wide-area seabed visualization, it’s a real game-changer.”Chris Gilson, product development manager at 2G Robotics said, “This new partnership eliminates the complexities most subsea customers face when integrating multiple systems. The detail afforded by the integration of our technologies allows clients to not only capture superior data but also more effectively compete for projects.”last_img read more

first_imgBy Ben DeatherageCOTTAGE GROVE, Ore. – The fourth stop of the Wild West Modified Shootout will be at Cottage Grove Speedway on Tuesday, June 16.  This event will feature some of the Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modified best drivers in the Western United States and teams from all over the country will be in action.Twenty-five dollars will get a car, truck, or RV load full of fans into the races, which will get underway at approximately 6:45 p.m.Already this season, Jesse Williamson and Kinzer Cox have won twice in main event competition at Cottage Grove. Braedon Hand, Jason Kocks and Curtis Towns each have one win to their credit.CGS has hosted four Wild West Modified Shootout events with four different winners being produced. Last year, Alex Stanford and Nick Trenchard won while in 2012 it was Scott Lenz and in 2011 Jesse Williamson. The 2013 event was lost to weather.last_img read more

first_imgRelatedPosts Bayern Munich fans undergo Super Cup coronavirus tests Suarez agrees Atletico terms Barca president Bartomeu says he won’t go to war anymore with Messi Atletico Madrid pulled off a stunning turnaround to beat FC Barcelona 3-2 in an enthralling Spanish Super Cup tie in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Thursday. They thus booked their place in the final of the revamped competition where they will face Real Madrid on Sunday. Argentine forward Angel Correa struck the decisive goal in the 86th minute to complete an unlikely late comeback for Atletico Madrid. That was after Barca had dominated the second half and had two goals ruled out following VAR reviews. Substitute Koke had put Atletico Madrid in front at the start of the second half, but Lionel Messi levelled in the 51st minute. Messi soon put the ball in the net again but his second effort was ruled out for handball following a VAR review. Former Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann did put Barca in front in the 65th while Gerard Pique thought he had extended their lead moments later. However, that goal was also ruled out after a VAR review, this time for a fractional offside against Arturo Vidal. Atletico Madrid had spent most of the second half trying to stop waves of Barca attacks but got a lifeline when substitute Vitolo was tripped by goalkeeper Neto. Striker Alvaro Morata then equalised from the penalty kick spot in the 81st minute. Stand-in goalkeeper Neto was also at fault for the winning goal, failing to properly block Correa’s shot, which bounced into the net to cap an incredible match. Reuters/NAN.Tags: Angel CorreaAtletico MadridLionel MessiSuper Cuplast_img read more

first_img “On a personal level that was different class and my family were down here from Scotland to see it too. “They’ve stuck by me and they’ve waited a long time for that too, so it was a really special moment.” Dyche, the Clarets manager, said: “It’s a fantastic journey Scott’s on. “We plucked him from Huddersfield on a free transfer and he was arguably looking down the barrel of League One. “We got him in for us and he was fantastic last season. He was excellent all night and that will build belief in players that they can handle this.” The 25-year-old Scot said: “To play against a top-quality team like that we knew it would be a tough game. “It was there to see what top players they are and what a top team they are. “We got an early goal but even after that we were under no illusions as to how tough it was going to be. “There are definitely positives to take out of it. For us it is still a case of taking one game at a time and there is no disappointment, regardless of this result. “We’re on to the next game now. With the fans behind us anything can happen.” Arfield savoured his own moment of glory as his crisp strike from the edge of the box flew past Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Life has certainly changed quickly for the Scotland B international. Just over a year ago he was released by Huddersfield and when he joined Burnley they were expected to struggle in the Championship. Arfield said: “I’ve waited a long time to play in the top division and I enjoyed it. Press Association The promoted Clarets are among the favourites for relegation from the Barclays Premier League but Arfield believes they gave a good account of themselves against one of the leading title contenders. Sean Dyche’s men showed plenty of enthusiasm in the early stages at Turf Moor and took a 14th-minute lead through Arfield, only for the Blues to roar back and wrap up a 3-1 win before half-time. Goalscorer Scott Arfield is convinced Burnley’s performance in their season-opening loss to Chelsea bodes well for the campaign.last_img read more