Google Earths Leap Motion support Control the world with your fingertips literally

first_imgIn what will no doubt cause bloggers to mention Minority Report (with that mention filling this blogger’s quota), Google has announced that its globe-browsing app Google Earth now has Leap Motion support. This means you can navigate the globe through a series of hand gestures that will no doubt make your arm tired before you give up and go back to using a mouse.The added Leap Motion support comes with a new version of Google Earth, which is available today. If you missed the Leap Motion hype, it’s a device that acts as something of a Kinect for the PC. It allows you to use to fairly precise gesture control for whatever applications have support for the device.The above video demonstration shows Google Earth being controlled by the simple hand gestures you’d expect; a pointing motion moves forward, a wave up or down zooms in or out, and tilting your hand in a direction rotates accordingly. The effect resembles something similar to how Superman flies through the sky, arms outstretched.Leap Motion is shipping with Asus computers at some point, so certain Asus customers will almost literally have the globe at their fingertips without having to purchase a separate device. However, if you’re sick of references to a certain Tom Cruise film, there are other uses for the Leap Motion. A Japanese company used a band of various devices to create an augmented reality train window, which would be a boon for those long, lonely commutes when you’re trying to preserve your phone’s battery. Rather than using a Kinect, iPhone, projector, and GPS module, the train could conceivably use a Leap Motion to make the interaction more precise.Leap Motion is set to it Best Buy shelves on May 19 with a price of $79.99.last_img


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