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first_imgIndiana General Assembly session beginsThe Indiana Senate will convene today for the 2017 session, and the Indiana House will convene tomorrow. Both bodies will address the state’s next two-year budget. Lawmakers are also expected to craft a plan, and a possible tax increase, that will fund road improvements and infrastructure projects into the future. To fund the proposals legislative leaders have floated ideas ranging from an increase in the gas tax, hiking vehicle registration costs, and increasing tobacco taxes. Evansville assesses land bankThe Evansville Courier & Press reviews the city of Evansville’s efforts in 2016 to reduce blight. The City demolished 170 homes, including about 92 by the Evansville Land Bank which formed in 2016. Demolished homes are banked until the city can find a development company to grow the city’s housing stock. Evansville was one of the first Indiana cities to make use of new state land bank legislation. Joshua ClaybournJoshua is Counsel in Jackson Kelly’s Evansville office. He advises clients in matters of business and corporate law, governmental services, and public finance. Learn more here. Indy approves tax break for CumminsCummins will receive a 10-year tax break from the city of Indianapolis on $2.1 million in tech equipment for the firm’s soon-to-be-completed downtown office building, where the company plans to employ about 250 workers by next month. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission approved a 10-year tax abatement on personal property taxes for the $2.1 million in IT equipment Cummins plans for the new facility. Over the 10 years, Cummins stands to save about $155,755. The company will still pay an estimated $66,751 in personal property taxes related to the new equipment. Once the abatement expires, Cummins will pay an estimated $19,072 annually in personal property taxes related to the new equipment.center_img Carmel council escalates fight with clerk-treasurerThe Indianapolis Star has an in-depth story on the escalating tension between the Carmel City Council and Clerk-Treasurer Christine Pauley. The Council is considering an ordinance that would allow its president to remove Pauley from the dais where council members sit and skip her when asking for comments from most other elected officials during the meetings. The proposals are the latest in a mounting series of contentious disagreements between the Council and clerk-treasurer that have included fights over her office’s budget, her salary, her time spent out of the office and the threat of a lawsuit. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

first_imgIt’s an early Saturday morning, the text alert sounds on my phone. The sun shining off the ocean through the window pokes me in the eye.  Fumbling for the phone, I already know who it is.  My sister, her text simply reads:  “table on alley behind St. Charles, trash pickup a couple blocks away, need it for house?”  No, I think, I don’t need it but I sure do want it.  And so begins the hunt, the thrill of the chase.  It is time to turn that discarded table into a part of the furnishings in my collected- over- time themed beach home.Driving through Ocean City in the spring, a yard sale can be found around every corner. Cars are parked for blocks around, and droves of people happily sort through tables, racks, and overstuffed cardboard boxes hoping to find a small treasure or often times more importantly a deal, a steal. The advertised estate sale, you should forget about being the first inside. Shoppers must arrive at the crack of dawn, hours before the sale is to begin. The anticipation lingers in the warm misty salt air while waiting in line to be admitted.  Most ads list the common tag line “no early birds.”  What does this mean? Doesn’t the early bird get the worm?America is obsessed with the hunt. Old school yard sales and estate sales are dictated by the season.  Technology has expanded the ability to treasure hunt all year long.  Sites such as Craigslist, locally created online Facebook yard sale pages, and Wallenpop allow shoppers to seek out a deal no matter the weather or the location.  When browsing online there is no one directly in front of you gently caressing that one of a kind painting, deciding how it would look above the bed in the guest suite.  Yet if you log on too late after the seller posts, and see that there has been multiple requests to purchase that same sense of anticipation builds.  Your stomach can sink quickly. I really wanted that…  Technology allows us the ability to search multiple online sites and the chase continues.I love a piece that tells has a story to tell. There are many local treasures in my home, some purchased locally, some salvaged from past renovations and remodels, many purchased online.  From the now delicate wooden door knocker whittled in the shape of an old sea captain, hanging proudly on the front door of Mrs. Hoover’s house, to the oddly shaped monkey pod and driftwood coffee table, which my daughter claims she will hide when friends stop over, each one holds a special place in my heart.  There is the “Sea Harvest” painting I scored from the owner of the grand house which once stood on Corinthian, the fabulous rattan chandelier from the now gone house on Battersea, the rustic wine crates, from the cottage on Pinnacle, and the retro sitting room furniture sitting in our back cottage I found online.  In the framed newspaper article dated May 13, 1933 discovered behind the walls during the renovation of our Gardens Parkway house, Commodore Edgar Hires touts the great boating season the Ocean City Yacht Club would be enjoying that summer season. I obsessed over the pair of Lucite lamps now flanking our new buffet.  After lusting over these beauties through the window of the house slated to be torn down on West 16th Street, I hoped they would be there during the second day of the sale. At 50% off they are now mine.  All of these cast offs collected from around the island have become my treasures.Part of well-crafted beach house design lies in creating the collected look. It is no secret that I love a weathered old beach home full of history. This collected look can be created, even in a newly constructed home. Pairing yard sale or second hand pieces with expensive, or even mid- range priced furnishings lends itself to this aged beach house feel.  Some of my treasures will remain in my home no matter my address, some stay with the home when we sell, many are in some sort of a chaotic rotation I have created, and some are repurposed in others’ homes.  Collected pieces need not be used for their original or designated purpose.  The vintage sideboard can serve as a cabinet under the flat screen television, or be placed in a hall to hold towels and toiletries for our weekend guests.  Butcher block mounted on top of that mid-century modern dresser will now allow it to serve as a unique kitchen island.  Repurpose, reuse and recycle, to achieve the collected look.  In doing so, you are creating something unique, that no one else will have on display in their home.  So paint that dresser coral, recover that found chair in a bold ikat pattern, hot glue those oyster shells to the mirror you grabbed from the alley last weekend.The 6×20 storage room behind the first floor unit of my home, plays just the part. It houses framed prints, special serving pieces, distinct end tables, and that perfect lamp with the funky shade. Each is simply waiting for their turn, or possibly their new home. My husband continually asks me to compare a need to a want. Several weeks back when mentioning to him that instead of watching the game I would need him to accompany me to the mainland to pick up my newest find. He impressed this notion upon me.  Do you really need this? Nope, but I sure do want it.  Maybe I should have a yard sale?Do you have a great locally found treasure? Tell me about it: [email protected]last_img read more

first_imgPress Association Sport highlights five things we learned from the Premier League this weekend. BRENDAN RODGERS WAS UNDER EVEN MORE PRESSURE THAN MANY THOUGHT Although talk about the heat being on Liverpool boss Rodgers had been rife for some time, the news on Sunday that he had been sacked shortly after the Reds’ 1-1 draw in the Merseyside derby at Everton still came as quite a surprise. Another reminder, if any was needed, that club owners are not shy of taking decisive action when they really feel it is necessary. Press Associationcenter_img THERE SHOULD NEVER BE DOUBTS ABOUT SERGIO AGUERO Manchester City striker Aguero went into Saturday’s home clash against Newcastle with it being noted he had scored only once in the league to date in 2015-16, and not since mid-August. He subsequently netted five times in 20 minutes past the stunned Magpies, becoming only the fifth man ever to hit that tally in a single Premier League game. The 27-year-old Argentina international could hardly have produced a more bold statement about the powers he possesses. THERE REALLY SHOULD BE DOUBTS NOW ABOUT CHELSEA When the Blues beat Arsenal on September 19 it appeared they had finally stopped the rot with regard to their poor start to the season. But a scraped 2-2 draw at Newcastle saw alarm bells ringing again a week later – and Saturday’s 3-1 capitulation at home against Southampton showed Jose Mourinho’s men are far from over their troubles this term. Where their title defence goes from here – and whether Mourinho might be involved for much longer – is anyone’s guess. THE NORTH-EAST CLUBS APPEAR TRULY CURSED Newcastle and Sunderland started Saturday bottom and 19th respectively and without a league win between them this season. Both made very encouraging starts to their fixtures, the Magpies taking a surprise lead at the Etihad Stadium and the Black Cats racing 2-0 ahead at home against West Ham. Each side then spectacularly imploded, Newcastle finishing up on the end of a 6-1 hammering and Sunderland concluding their game with 10 men and having been held to a 2-2 draw. In either case, the fans must feel as if there is some kind of jinx on their club. DICK ADVOCAAT SHOULD PROBABLY HAVE JUST KEPT HIS PROMISE TO HIS WIFE Whether or not he thought anything sinister was going on, Advocaat was left in no doubt his time as Sunderland boss could not go on as he walked away from the club on Sunday. There has been a slight air of inevitability about the situation since the campaign began, and many – certainly now, if they did not already – will feel that after keeping the Wearsiders up last season, the 68-year-old Dutchman really should have stuck to the promise he initially made to his wife that he would retire over the summer. last_img read more