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first_img Gavel Gamut By Jim RedwinePEG’S MOTTO: JIM’S LABOR OMNIA VINCITThis famous Latin phrase, “Work Conquers All”, was originally a piece of propaganda used by the Roman poet Virgil (70 BC-19 BC) in his poem Georgics to curry favor with the Roman emperor Augustus (63 BC- 14 AD). Augustus wanted to encourage Roman citizens to quit their enjoyable lives of drinking wine and discussing politics to take up the hard work of farming. Peg, and maybe your spouse too, has carried on this tradition.In the beginning were the innocent sounding words, “Jim, are you taking a vacation this summer?” I thoughtlessly replied, “I dunno, why?” “Oh, I just thought we could spend some time together at the Ranch, relax and catch up on some things.”“Sounds good, I’ll check my docket.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t too busy. I aimlessly proceeded into Peg’s nefarious Inferno.Wives and husbands see “relaxing” and “catching up on things” from different perspectives, kinda like foxes and roosters might see dinner. The first two weeks of August were anticipated by me to be a bucolic period of connecting with the deer, fish, wild turkeys and even the pesky raccoons around JPeg Ranch. What could be wrong with some time spent with my feet up and a good book or a cool beverage to lull me to sleep on a lazy summer afternoon? Ask Peg!“Since you are home with nothing to do would you mind …?” Yep, the dreaded LIST!  Peg had been secretly working on it since spring. I had no idea our home was near the point of complete collapse from chores undone, by me, of course. Immediate action was called for. What wasn’t called for, or allowed, was propped up feet.Now one need not be mentally exhausted from reading or relating a seriatim rundown of the physically exhausting chores that stood between “relax” and utter destruction of our home. Their actual completion was punishment enough. Suffice it to say that from tilling the garden, to reorganizing my stacks of half-finished projects from years past, my vacation morphed from pastoral pleasure to a yearning for a return to Court. I’ll be there on Monday!For more Gavel Gamut articles go to www.jamesmredwine.com or“Like” us on Facebook at JPegRanchBooksandKnittingFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

first_imgFor more than 250 years, Southerners have enjoyed the flavor of wild and domesticatedmuscadine grapes. Now, new research on muscadines is finding that they are one of nature’smost healthful foods.In the early 1990s, Betty Ector began analyzing muscadine grapes at Mississippi StateUniversity. She found they were richer in fiber, zinc, manganese, iron and calcium thanmost other fruits.May Fight Heart DiseaseIn later research, Ector found that they are one of the world’s richest sources ofellagic acid (thought to help prevent cancer) and the phenolic compound, resveratrol.High levels of resveratrol are found in both fresh muscadines and processed-muscadineproducts. It is thought to be an important part of the “French paradox,” inwhich French people with rich diets who drink red wine have much less heart disease thanexpected.May Fight Cancer, TooA new study by Minnie Holmes-McNary, at the University of North Carolina’s medicalschool in Chapel Hill, has determined that resveratrol is also a potent anticancercompound.The substance switches off a protective mechanism in cells and, as a result, makesinvading cancer cells vulnerable to the body’s natural defenses.The study, funded in part by the National Institute of Health, also found thatmuscadine wines can contain up to seven times more resveratrol than regular wines.Fresh Muscadines AvailableFresh muscadines are available from Aug. 1 to mid-October, depending on the location inthe state. Since the University of Georgia grape breeders developed large-fruited typessuch as “Fry” and “Summit,” muscadines have become available ingrocery stores and many farm markets. Nearly all Southeastern wineries also producemuscadine wine.If you haven’t tried muscadine grapes, buy a package and see if you like them. Theirrich flavor and chewy skins are an old Southern favorite with outstanding health benefits.last_img read more

first_imgBy Dialogo May 05, 2010 Speaking at the opening of a meeting of Latin American police in the port of Cartagena, Colombian president Alvaro Uribe said that states have the “juridical imperative” to cooperate against crime. “International cooperation against criminality is not a political option; it’s not the object of a discretionary decision by states and governments. It’s an ethical imperative; it’s a juridical imperative,” Uribe asserted upon opening the “Latin American and Caribbean Police Summit.” Uribe, who will end his second term in office on 7 August, thanked the United States for its cooperation, first with Plan Colombia in the fight against drug trafficking and illegal armed groups and now with “the signing of the security agreement.” Through Plan Colombia, Washington has dedicated more than six billion dollars to military aid. In addition, in October the two countries signed a treaty permitting U.S. soldiers to use Colombian bases for operations in the fight against drug trafficking. At the same time, the Colombian defense minister, Gabriel Silva, explained that the meeting in Cartagena (1,090 km north of Bogotá) seeks to strengthen international cooperation and find new ways to combat drug trafficking and terrorism. “Without international cooperation, it’s impossible to defeat transnational crime. Borders cannot separate countries in the duty, in the legal and ethical obligation to confront criminals,” he noted. Delegates from police forces from twenty-four countries in the region are attending the meeting. Panelists at the meeting, which will last until Friday, include delegates from the United Nations (UN), the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).last_img read more