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first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. I’ve been wanting an Infinity Gauntlet ever since Thanos started getting pushed after Avengers. It looks so badass and can remake the universe. I managed to get access to a convention-only foam Infinity Gauntlet, and even got it signed by Jim Starlin, but since then the Infinity Watch must have taken it because I can’t find it anywhere.Hasbro’s Infinity Gauntlet is so much cooler.AdChoices广告The company showed off very little Infinity War merchandise at its Toy Fair showroom, but it did unveil its best toy: a Marvel Legends role-play Infinity Gauntlet. Marvel Legends is Hasbro’s more collector-focused line of Marvel toys, with Marvel Legends role-play items towering above cheaper, smaller plastic masks and weapons with more detail, better build quality, life-size-for-adult-humans scale, and three-digit price tags. And the Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet looks awesome.It’s a massive right-handed gauntlet, gold-colored (but mostly plastic), with all six Infinity Stones. It’s a gauntlet, not a glove, because every finger has articulated knuckles, with joints visibly and mechanically moving as you move your hand.It looks amazing with just those details, but then you add light and sound. The Infinity Stones light up, and the gauntlet makes the same power-up sound effects as it does in the movie, thanks to Disney providing Hasbro with a soundbank for it. The gauntlet even makes imposing mechanical creaks and clanks when you flex your fingers.Hasbro also showed off another Marvel Legends role-play item, just in time for Black Panther: Black Panther’s helmet. It doesn’t have any Infinity Stones, but it is a full-size plastic helmet with a slip-on design thanks to an expandable back. The eyes have moving lenses, and purple light effects cover the helmet, reflecting a thing that happens in the movie. Which was a pretty good movie!Oh, and on the Star Wars front we’re finally getting a First Order Stormtrooper riot baton, like the one used to shout at Finn in The Force Awakens. It’s a Black Series prop toy, serving the same role for Hasbro’s Star Wars lines as Marvel Legends serves for Hasbro’s Marvel products. It’s full-scale and similar in build, features, and price as Hasbro’s ForceFX prop lightsabers. It also looks really rad, with spring-out arms and light effects.The Infinity Gauntlet and Black Panther helmet will retail for $100 when they ship later this Spring. The riot baton will likely be priced similarly.last_img read more