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first_imgWHY I OPPOSE THE CHANGE IN CHAPTER 17 OF THE TOWN ORDINANCEby: Dan Barton, Publisher, of The New Harmony GazetteJanuary 14, 2018It has been speculated by some in New Harmony that as publisher of the New Harmony Gazette, my opposition to the new amendment to Chapter 17 of the Town Ordinance is entirely personal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly the new amendment does adversely effect my property at 505 Main Street, the same as it does all other property in the Business Historic District. However, even if I did not own the building, I would still be opposed to this onerous law and it’s accompanying extreme penalties. I will explain why.I have always passionately supported and sometimes opposed other ideas proposed by Council people. In the past I have written on such issues as; how to best reopen the Harmony Way Bridge, the tactics and purposes proposed by WMI for the re-use of the New Harmony School, or whether the course taken by our Town Council regarding the use of the old fairground property was or was not in the best interest of our town. My concern is always the same; what is good for New Harmony, both economically and politically.Over the last six months I have written ongoing critiques about the New Harmony Plan Commission’s proposal to change Chapter 17 of the Town Ordinance. An ordinance that would deny certain property rights to New Harmony’s Commercial property owners in the Business Historic District, now and in the future. As this is being written it awaits a vote by the Town Council. I am still opposed to its passage. Why is this bad law?One of the Plan Commission’s supposed rationales has been based on a comparison of two unrelated elements of zoning regulation. They pit the principals of a business moving into a residential community versus a residence moving into the business community. We all must know that residential communities are concerned about businesses opening in their neighborhoods for very basic and long established reasons. There are concerns about possible air and water pollution, noise, increased traffic, parking, garbage, trash, and large numbers of customers traveling through the residential area to get to the businesses. The things that threaten the health, happiness and property values of those who must live and raise their families in those neighborhoods. There are, at this writing, far more businesses operating in the residential community than residents living in the Business Historic District. If any community is under threat it is not the Business Historic District but the residential district.What are the reasons that have been sited by the supporters of this amendment for not allowing residential use in storefronts? From a historical viewpoint there have been none given. The reasons that have been offered have been vague. The prime example brought up over and over has been: because residents get the right to keep businesses in check through the use of a Variance Appeal Board. But, they say, businesses are denied that same right for keeping FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare would seem, is flying. How about New Harmony? What do we really know? I asked Lynn Clark, President of the New Harmony Business Associates at the November Plan Commission meeting if anyone that she knew keeps a GDP on New Harmony, like they do on Posey County. Her answer: “I have no idea!”The new zoning law requiring the prohibition of first floor use of commercial property as a residence in the Business Historic District is totally unnecessary. It is a heavy-handed remedy for a problem that doesn’t exist. Zoning laws are a method of increasing power in the hands of bureaucrats. They are a direct violation of property rights. This one more than any I have ever seen or heard.It is through the use of force, heavy fines and imprisonment, that the supporters of this change in Chapter 17, can specify how people can or cannot use their property. Having a residence in the Business Historic District does not in any way disrupt the business of its commercial neighbors. In fact, in some cases, it has been argued, it would enhance business in the district by increasing it’s resident population.I specifically asked Plan Commission Chair Flanders in the August meeting to explain to me which business or businesses were most adversely affected by the Gosh’s allowing their granddaughter to use the first floor of their commercial building on Main Street as her residence. Flanders’ answer: “I don’t know that there was any!” So here we have proof that the complaint that the use of commercial property for residence is an invalid complaint.This Re-Zoning is unnecessarily arbitrary. It is non-objective arbitrary power held in the hands of a few. Eventually the power gets abused. The abuse occurs through bureaucrats deciding that they can better our lives through their own attempts at amateur urban planning. They zone and re-zone and violate the Rights of citizens, disrupting the lives of anyone who doesn’t fit into their scheme.Citizens Rights are tightly bound into the concept of Property Rights. Property Rights were on the minds of our Nation’s founders when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and declared that “We the People” had a Right to the “Pursuit of Happiness.” The Right to own and use our property as we saw fit, so long as it did not infringe on the Rights of our fellow citizens. There has not been any objective proof offered by the Plan Commission or its supporters that any person’s Rights have been violated in New Harmony by the use of first floor storefronts for residential purposes, not since the inception of our town.I have personally fought to keep this new ordinance change measure from becoming law. I do not believe that any American Right should be given up voluntarily without questioning the basis for the change or not having indisputable proof of its necessity. Though it may seem to be just a small Right, it is small as a small cog in the much larger clockwork of our Liberty is small. This amendment is bad law and a poor choice for the Town of New Harmony. Too many of our fellow citizens have given too much in our country to protect our Rights, just for us to acquiesce to the passage of bad laws, such as this one.This law leaves itself open to political abuse. I was reading an article by writer Alan Ehrenhalt recently concerning the abuse of zoning laws. In the article Ehrenhalt describes his meeting with a county supervisor in Tucson, Arizona. Ehrenhaldt said, “Many years ago, I spent a morning in the Pima County Courthouse in Tucson, Arizona, talking politics with Conrad Joyner,center_img residents out of the Business District. This is a form of a misplaced doctrine of egalitarianism, meant to be applied to human equality with respect to social and political civil rights, not business versus residential zones. Certainly the argument is not valid for the regulation of business versus residential property rights. A fallacious argument!Zoning laws were never meant to equalize the two elements of business versus residential rights. In other words, the rationale of the Chapter 17 amendment supporters is, “No Rationale.” Whimsy!Zoning laws are government regulated restrictions on how a particular piece of land can be used. The zones can be of any type, including housing, financial and industry. These laws are a partial attempt to solve a real problem. If people buy a house in a residential area, they do not want a loud or polluting factory or business to be opened next door to them. The problem is not the creation of the factory so much as it is the damage it does to the home owners. A house becomes unsalable and unusable if the sound, smell, or air quality around it is suddenly changed. This same reasoning does not apply to residents in a business district.Zoning laws are not necessary for residences moving into the business area. The reasons suggested by supporters of the Chapter 17 amendment aren’t the same reasons as for residential zone restrictions. One imaginary issue that has been conjured up by the amendment supporters is that the business district could be taken over by residences. They believe that even one retail storefront converted to residential use could cause other businesses to suffer by losing customers. This fanciful image just hasn’t met the litmus test of time.Historically, in 200 years it has never happened. It’s not happening presently, nor has it been proven that it will happen in the foreseeable future. A point of fact regarding that fear; during the Plan Commission sessions from June to the present, no one ever factually demonstrated that the very few examples of the residential use of storefronts, two that were brought to the public’s attention, ever caused any disruption or loss of business to any retailer in the Business Historic District. The two isolated incidents, both legal, were the only two occurrences mentioned by the Commission in the entire history of New Harmony. Are there people lining up at the gates of New Harmony waiting to get in and spend thousands of dollars to convert storefronts into residences? You have two out of twenty-five business properties in use as a residence in the Business Historic District, according to Commission Chair Flanders.Instead of focusing on the real issues that may be causing business losses in New Harmony, the closing of the Harmony Way Bridge, which caused a loss of 300,000 vehicles a year driving into or through our community, and the issue of too many part-time second-hand retail shops. They are caught up in a delusion of false fear. They’ve caught that most dangerous of all diseases, “Chicken Little Syndrome.”We don’t really know what the condition of New Harmony’s businesses are. No one has been keeping or has ever developed a method of recording New Harmony’s Gross Domestic Product, the true measure of a community’s business health. Both Moody’s and The Posey County Economic Development Partnership have released the GDP numbers for 2010 to 2016 changes for Indiana, but nothing for New Harmony can be gleaned from those numbers. Interestingly, these GDP reports show Posey County with an increase in GDP of 19.5% from 2010 to 2016, 15.7% for Indiana, 16.9% for the U.S. and a dismal 9.5% for SW Indiana. So! Posey County, it one of the County Supervisors. Joyner was running for Congress. I asked him if he expected to have any trouble raising money for his campaign. Joyner looked at me as if I had been born yesterday. “Are you kidding?” he said. “With all the zoning cases I’ve got coming up on the County Board? “ Zoning laws are rife with abuse and should be avoided whenever possible. Use nuisance laws if necessary or establish guidelines inside the Business Association, but avoid unnecessary zoning laws.Once again, I urge the New Harmony Town Council to reject the change in the current Chapter 17 Ordinances. Let’s not go down this path!FOOTNOTE: This letter is posted by the City County Observer without bias, opinion or editing.last_img read more

first_imgGonzalo Higuain’s brother and agent insists he has not spoken to Liverpool and claims the Argentina striker is happy at Napoli. However, when asked about the Barclays Premier League club’s reported interest, Nicolas Higuain told Italian radio station Crc: “I don’t speak English only Italian, French and Spanish. “First of all, I have not spoken to any club because they have not contacted me and secondly, it would be disrespectful to Napoli. “(Napoli president Aurelio) De Laurentiis is a great person, a man of honour and I couldn’t behave incorrectly. “We’re not thinking about leaving Napoli. “I’m confident that the team can finish third (in Serie A to qualify for the Champions League), then we’ll see about Gonzalo’s future. “I haven’t spoken with any team. “Gonzalo is calm, he has a contract with Napoli and he’s not planning to leave because he’s happy.” Higuain, 27, joined Napoli in the summer of 2013 from Real Madrid and is under contract with the Naples outfit until June 2018. The South American was a member of Argentina’s squad that finished runners-up Germany at the World Cup last year in Brazil. Higuain has scored nine goals and set up three more in 18 league appearances for Napoli this season. The Argentina international has been strongly linked with a move to Anfield in the winter transfer market. The arrival of Italian forward Manolo Gabbiadini to Napoli from Sampdoria last week has increased speculation of Higuain’s possible departure. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

first_imgMotorists in Letterkenny are being asked to be vigilant for a new traffic system in the town today.The LYIT campusA new set of traffic lights will come into action outside the entrance to the LYIT on the town’s Port Road at 10am.The traffic lights are part of an overall system which has come into action to cater for the additional of a new car park opposite the campus. Parking has always been a problem for students and staff at LYIT but the new car park should help with this traffic congestion.MOTORISTS ASKED TO STUDY NEW TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM AT LYIT was last modified: September 12th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:LYITtraffic lightslast_img read more

first_imgFollowing a jam-packed schedule of fundraisers for Paul ‘Diddler’ Dillon and his family last month, the Diddler fundraising committee has announced that €85,600.70 has been raised in a month. Diddler (aged 45) was recently diagnosed with an illness which will require modifications to his family home. But the cooperative community of Newtowncunningham refused to let the family face this challenging time alone. A committee was formed in January to plan a series of fun events to ensure everyone can get the chance to lend a helping hand to Diddler.Last month saw a host of events take place including Monster Charity Concert in the An Grianan Hotel, a 25 Card Drive in Biddy Friel’s bar and the Dash for Diddler 5KA statement from the committee on Facebook read: “It would be impossible to thank everyone individually who contributed in one way or another, so a massive well done to everyone involved.“The committee for this fundraiser is now dissolved and the page will be removed on Sunday. “This just leaves us wishing Paul, Emma and the girls strength and love now and in the future.”Diddler committee reveal over €85,000 has been raised in four weeks was last modified: March 11th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Newtoncunninghampaul ‘diddler’ dillonlast_img read more

first_img19 April 2016The world’s most famous gold coin, the Krugerrand, is commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday with a special limited edition.This is also the first time the South African Mint is celebrating a royal birthday.To mark the 90th Birthday of H.M Queen Elizabeth II, The South African Mint have issued a special and very limited Gold Krugerrand coin— Lord of Milton Manor (@regalmagazine) January 10, 2016“With an extremely low mintage of only 260 coins worldwide, this special edition. Krugerrand features a unique ‘QEII 90’ Mint Mark that will only appear on this special issue of gold Krugerrands,” noted the London Mint office.“This means that this coin will become a ‘one year only’ type, never to be released again.”It features:Obverse: bust of Paul Kruger by Otto SchultzReverse: springbok antelope by Coert Steynberg, also highlighting the unique “QEII 90th” Mint MarkAbout the KrugerrandThe South African Mint says the Kruggerrand evokes nostalgia because it has a classic design which “kindles memories of a bygone era and symbolises the romance and allure of gold”.Launched in 1967, it contains one troy ounce of pure gold. By the 1980s, fractional Krugerrands were made available – the 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz.The design dates back to 1892 when the country’s first coin series was circulated. It features a bust of the then president of the South African Republic, Paul Kruger, created by die-engraver Schultz. “The reverse design of the prancing springbok, South Africa’s national animal, was modelled by Coert Steynberg,” reads the South African Mint website.” It was originally created for the commemorative 5-shilling coin issued in 1947 to celebrate the visit of the British Royal Family to South Africa.”The name Krugerrand comes from Kruger and South Africa’s monetary unit, the rand – associated with the Witwatersrand, “the ridge of white water”, the area where gold was discovered in 1886.Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 90th birthday on 21 April. The limited edition 1oz Krugerrand is selling at R59 000 at South Africa’s Scoin Shop. 90 photos for 90 years ahead of The Queen’s birthday on Thursday #Queenat90https://t.co/MqJGDqfDPb— BritishMonarchy (@BritishMonarchy) April 18, 2016Source: South Africa.info reporterlast_img read more

first_imgSouth Africa has won the top global award at the United Nations Investment Promotion Awards for its excellence in boosting investment sectors that have social and economic benefits and help countries meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The awards, organised by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), honours investment promotions agencies and their governments for their achievements, but also showcases best practices in attracting investment into SDG-related projects that can inspire investment promotion practitioners in developing and developed countries. The award was presented at a high-profile ceremony in the Assembly Hall of the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, at the grand opening of the World Investment Forum yesterday.              South Africa was also recently named as the Global Destination of the Year at the 2018 Global Sourcing Association Awards ceremony alongside the Global Sourcing Summit in Cape Town. This award was South Africa’s fifth since 2012, and is further accolade and recognition of South Africa’s value proposition and credible offering that combines global best practice, a talented and scalable labour pool with government support to attract international outsourcing work into South Africa.“This prestigious global award indicates that South Africa’s industrial development is playing an important role towards its economic growth and our investment drive is already starting to make a significant contribution towards achieving its sustainable development goals. InvestSA is now globally recognised to compete in investment promotion and facilitation of large scale investments. As part of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s mobilisation drive to attract investments, these global awards signify and demonstrate that government is committed to improving its investment climate and service to investors,” says Davies                     The prestigious global award was presented to InvestSA for its role in facilitating two pioneering waste-to-nutrient recycling projects to up-cycle organic waste into natural, sustainable high-protein animal feed. Each project will offer much-needed jobs in local communities and is expected to save an annual 80 000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions by diverting organic waste from the landfill. The award was presented by the President of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, Ms María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés.Minister Davies says that the award is a commendable international recognition that partnerships play an important role in boosting investments in sectors as the award is for an intergovernmental projects facilitated together with the Gauteng provincial government, Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and GreenCape.“These awards are indicative that our investment mobilisation efforts are making a valuable contribution to social and economic development. We are enhancing our investment facilitation service and InvestSA is able to fast track, unblock and reduce red tape in government through our one-stop shop approach,” says Davies.Issued by: The Department of Trade and Industrylast_img read more

first_imgjolie odell In a new series exploring the anatomy of truly viral apps, our first specimen is Spymaster, the Twitter- and Facebook-based social game that exploded with tens of thousands of users within hours of the creators throwing up a simple page and absolutely no media coverage. From creating addiction to managing site traffic, read on to learn how they did it and what they’re doing next.What kinds of outreach did you do during the early days?Chris Abad, CEO of Irata Labs, the company that developed Spymaster, revealed that their early promotions were extremely minimal“We threw up a splash page, but didn’t talk about it too much. Really, our first ‘outreach effort’ was sending out some invites to a few of our friends, and things ended up taking off on our own from there.”To give some context, Abad told me that I personally had signed up for the game within a couple hours of its launch; by that point, I had already seen a few tweets and a DM about the site and was completely intrigued. Bonus round! What’s next for the Spymaster team?“We do have some pretty exciting stuff we’re working on right now,” said Abad. “It’s still a little early to get too far into it, but we do hint at the new project here.” Our guess is as good as yours for the moment, but we’re guessing at a deep-sea adventure that, like Spymaster, will test our limits and exceed our expectations.“More than anything,” Abad concluded, “Spymaster was about innovating in the social gaming space. It was about answering the question, ‘What can we do that’s unique and outside-the-box?’ We pushed a few boundaries with Spymaster, and had a lot of fun doing it. With our next project, we’re taking a lot of the ideas and lessons that came out of Spymaster and pushing that mentality even further.”If the web 2.0 dictum “Once, you’re lucky; twice, you’re good” holds water, this next app will show whether Abad and his team have found a pathway to Internet virality or whether Spymaster was simply a lucky strike. But after dissecting this truly viral blockbuster of a game, aspiring startups might put less weight on luck and make a study of the Spymaster method. Tags:#start#startups Many web apps claim virality; very few actually find it. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… In your opinion or experience, was it media coverage, influencer buzz, or both that contributed to a large group of users signing up?“Especially on Twitter,” said Abad, “everyone is really big on ‘influencer buzz,’ but I don’t feel that was a very big factor with Spymaster. There really wasn’t as much as we were hoping for in that area.”Even without top Twitter users getting into the app, however, Abad said other factors were at work to create the viral effect, the first being media attention.“The media buzz (there was a lot in the first few weeks of Spymaster)… provided the fuel. And some of the intentional viral mechanics built into Spymaster, things such as public activity updates, DM invites, common hashtags, etc., were really the vehicles through which the word of Spymaster spread.”Some of those mechanisms were not too appreciated by users; and as the tide of Spymaster-themed, auto-generated tweets swelled from users who were given in-game incentives to keep on tweeting, irritation became a public outcry and threats of unfollowing circulated.Still, back-and-forth banter and “assassination” plots were the guilty pleasure of many an early adopter and even a few tech bloggers (guilty!).center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… What about Spymaster do you think made people want to sign up and start using the app?Abad said that design, fun, and a certain addictive factor made Spymaster irresistable to early users.“People wanted to try it because it was an interesting, well-executed game. For a web-based, social game, the creative around Spymaster was phenomenal. [Read our interview with Spymaster designer Eston Bond for more background on designing web apps.] Also, as people played it, they found the gameplay to be interesting (even addicting at times).In short, it was something fun to do.”Also, he noted that there was a particular novelty to Spymaster. It was the first massively scaled Twitter-based game, and within a day or two of its launch, he said, “It quickly got to the point where it felt like everybody was doing it, and a lot of people would check us out just to see what all the buzz was about.”What did you learn about handling massive amounts of traffic? In your case, were there unexpected traffic spikes?Spymaster lead architect Ben Myles said, “We had some huge traffic in the early days of launch from all the press we garnered. It wasn’t completely unexpected, but it was also aweek of non-stop optimizations and maintenance.”So, what did the Spymaster technical team do to counterbalance a massive wave of user traffic?“We did some obvious and simple things,” said Myles, “like moving the majority of our static assets to [Amazon] S3. When we first launched Spymaster our data store was primarily MySQL. We started hitting some concurrency issues with MySQL, and over the period of a few weeks we moved most of our data into a key/value store (Tokyo Tyrant). The success we had with Tokyo Tyrant exceeded our expectations and our scaling since we made that shift has been relatively painless.”What are your future plans for scaling, including internationally?As most users have noticed, Spymaster has expanded over the past few months to include Facebook, MySpace, and iPhone apps in addition to the original Twitter game.“We also proactively advertise, and have a growing user base in other English-speaking countries,” said Abad.If you could pass on one piece of advice to the founders of the Next Big Social App on how to get a critical mass of users, what would you tell them?“Experiment,” said Abad. “Try different things until you find something that ‘catches.’”Most important to apps that aim for virality, he continued, is that the push for user adoption and ever-increasing traffic can never stop or slow. Especially when your app unexpectedly explodes out of its petri dish and takes over the lab, “That’s no time to let up on the gas.”“Critical mass is often one of those things where you don’t know what it is until you’ve already passed it, so you push even harder.”Abad also said “social” apps should be social by design. “This doesn’t mean throwing an inviter screen in there a few days before launch… Work the tools into that process that make it easy for your users to spread the word to their friends.”Also, he said, “Your most passionate users are often your best marketers. Treat them well, and reward them for evangelizing your brand.” Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts last_img read more

first_imgIssue 3: The insulation is not cut out around the electrical boxesThese installers were clearly in a hurry.Required corrections:The insulation must be cut so that it fits tightly around and behind electrical boxes, without any gaps. Issue 1: The insulation does not fill the cavities, back-to-frontIf you look at the lower left-hand corner of the photo, you can see that the batt doesn’t extend from right to left to fill the whole cavity.Required corrections:Achieving the Grade 1 standard with fiberglass batts is difficult. However, the standard is clear: insulation must fill the cavity completely, from side to side, from top to bottom, and from front to back. Issue 2: The insulation is tucked behind pipes and wiringNo attempt was made to split the insulation around obstructions.Required corrections:The insulation must be split or cut so that it fits tightly around pipes, wiring and other services in the cavity. MORE INFORMATION Installing Fiberglass RightThe Energy Star Homes Program Raises the Bar with Version 3 center_img Issue 4: There is no air barrier behind the tubBefore this tub platform was framed, someone should have installed a durable air barrier on the interior side of the insulation.Required corrections:Walls behind showers and tubs, once correctly insulated, must be backed with an air barrier — for example, Thermoply — to prevent insulation from sagging and to create a continuous air barrier. All seams, gaps and holes in the air barrier must be sealed. Last week we published this photo as part of our “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” series. The photo shows a substandard fiberglass insulation job that was representative of an entire residential subdivision that hoped to qualify for Energy Star. Examples like this show that quality control by HERS raters is a weak link in the Energy Star program.To comply with Version 3 of the Energy Star [no-glossary]Homes[/no-glossary] specification, a home must meet the requirements of the Thermal Enclosure System Checklist. Moreover, Version 3 specifications require cavity insulation to be installed to meet the Grade I installation standard developed by RESNET. According to the Grade I standard, insulation must be installed without gaps or flaws, filling the cavity from side to side and top to bottom, and with less than 2% of the insulated area showing signs of insulation compression. The standard required insulation to be split or fitted tightly around wiring, electrical boxes, and other services in the cavity.last_img read more