Xiamen land feast will be staged this month

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government land auction, has been the focus of market attention. In particular, those who benefit from the competition for the government’s land information can always be in a timely manner, in order to take the most reasonable measures to maximize their own interests. A land feast will be staged this month! Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal land and real estate bureau, a total of six commercial plots will be launched simultaneously, and plans to auction this month, 26.

in the six plots, four plots in Xiangan, one in Jimei, one in tongan. In addition to the township and Xinxu two plots, the remaining four plots were 90 square meters apartment layout of the residential area should be accounted for more than 70% of the total residential land area. read more

only you can not think of entrepreneurial ideas, there is no venture entrepreneurs can not do the project. Hunan three college students with unique ideas, achieve 8 million years into the dream, they rented the villa Museum opening partnership "party".

"party" is a word from the English "HomeParty" transliteration, meaning the family party. Dozens of people rented a villa, villa and entertainment facilities are complete, you can sing, drink, barbecue, can also watch movies, play chess, table tennis etc.. The past two years, "party" by college students and young people in the city especially white-collar pursuit. read more

Recommend a few good curtain shop name

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open a window shop, the location is very flexible, the site is in place, you have to give a suitable name for the curtain shop. What is the name of the curtain shop? Now the shop name, both good name, but also have a good meaning. Today, we recommend a few good meaning of the curtain shop name!


curtains every day


on the curtain

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